Oregon State University, 1926 Year Book

Please note in 1926 Oregon State Collage was an Agriculture Collage in 1927 the name was changed to Oregon State Agriculture College. Institution name changed to Oregon State College by common usage; although the official name, Oregon State Agricultural College, as used in the catalogs, did not change until 1937.  The name of the institution officially recognized on April 15, 1953 by the Oregon Legislative Assembly as Oregon State College.

1930 | 1931 | 1933 | 1935 | 1936

President, Robert Theiring
Vice President, Estelle Calkins
Secretary, Kathleen Bitney
Treasurer, Philip Krieger
Sergeant-at-Arms, Earl M. Farra
Yell-Leader, Mark Astrup
Student Councilman, Stafford Sadler
Forensic Manager, Spencer Alexander
Athletic Manager, Harold Rowley

Senior Class:
Abbett, Gilbert W., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Ackley, Kenneth J., Agriculture, Chapman, OR
Adamson, Esther, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Adamson, Ruth, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Albaugh, Reuben, Agriculture, McArthur, CA
Alexander, Spencer, Commerce, Waterville, WA
Allyn, Whitney C., Commerce, Grants Pass, OR
Anderson, Elmer F., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Andres, Floyd E., Markets and Marketing, Ontario, CA
Andresen, Helen, Commerce, Oregon City, OR
Anstey, Eleanor M., Home Economics, Portland, OR
Arant, Bernadine Russell, Vocational Education, Seattle, WA
Archibald, James Clyde, Civil Engineering, Albany, OR
Asbury, Lillie R., Commerce, McMinnville, OR
Austin, Kirby Burdette, Electrical Engineering, Laurel, MT

Ballf, Myrtle M., Commerce, Roseburg, OR
Barton, Edwin, Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Bayley, Katherine, Home Economics, The Dalles, OR
Bean, Dorothy Del, Commerce, Riverton, OR
Beatie, Alfred, Chemical Engineering, Oregon City, OR
Beckett, Maude L., Vocational Education, Portland, OR
Beebe, Belva E., Commerce, Dallas, OR
Beggs, Lelia M., Physical Education, Corvallis, OR
Behnke, Fred G., Commerce, Yakima, WA
Bennett, Robert F., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Bennett, William R., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Berg, Edgar P., Agriculture, Nooksack, WA
Berg, Emma J., Vocational Education, Canby, OR
Barnards, Celia M., Home Economics, Forest Grove, OR
Bertsch, Mabel M., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Best, Garnet D., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Birch, A. Edson, Chemical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Bitney, Kathleen A., Vocational Education, Corvallis, OR
Blackstone, Percy W., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Blinkhorn, John E., Dairy Husbandry, Corvallis, OR
Blume, Muriel M., Home Economics, Albany, OR
Bone, W. N., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Bonebrake, Dewalt S., Mining Engineering, Portland, OR
Bonney, Orvis, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Boone, Arthur, Pharmacy, Ontario, CA
Booth, George C., Physical Education, Grants Pass, OR
Bostic, Charlotte C., Home Economics, Sublett, ID
Bowersox, J. M., Pharmacy, Monmouth, OR
Braun, William J., Commerce, Portland, OR
Brewer, Wilma E., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Brightman, Agnes S., Home Economics, Sitka, AK
Britt, Glenn M., Electrical Engineering, Roseburg, OR
Broderson, Nora, Home Economics, Payette, ID
Brown, George W., Mechanical Engineering, LaGrande, OR
Brown, Thomas R., Commerce, Applegate, OR
Bruce, Ernest S., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Buell, Arthur M., Civil Engineering, Salem, OR
Bugbee, Solon, Pharmacy, Portland, OR
Bullen, Carroll A., Civil Engineering, Portland, OR
Bump, Victor L., Industrial Arts, Philomath, OR
Buono, Ralph, Commerce, Portland, OR
Burk, Faith R., Vocational Education, Portland, OR
Burkhart, Marjorie, Home Economics, Seattle, WA
Burr, Edmund W., Agriculture, Hayward, CA
Burroughs, Julian D., Mechanical Engineering, Salem, OR
Butler, Vernon M., Agriculture, Ontario, OR
Byrd, Michael L., Pharmacy, Grants Pass, OR

Caldwell, Brooks Russell, Pharmacy, Fresno, CA
Calkins, Estelle J., Home Economics, Mt. Vernon, WA
Callaway, James W., Commerce, Brownsville, OR
Carl, J. W., Mechanical Engineering, Garibaldi, OR
Carlson, Donald G., Pharmacy, Portland, OR
Carlson, Stella, Home Economics, Echo, OR
Carpenter, William H., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Cave, Ira B., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Cavin, E. Lynn, Civil Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Chamberlain, Orange B., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Cheeld, Charles M., Electrical Engineering, Vancouver, WA
Clark, David, Vocational Education, Veneta, OR
Clark, R. R., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Clayton, Mark M., Chemical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Clifton, Lucile, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Cobbledick, Edna Belle, Home Economics, Oakland, CA
Cole, Maple, Vocational Education, Canby, OR
Coleman, Florence, Commerce, Wallowa, OR
Conner, Eben L., Dairy Husbandry, Marshfield, OR
Conser, Lotus M., Commerce, Albany, OR
Conroy, Barbara J., Vocational Education, Anaconda, MT
Coon, James M., Agriculture, Gooding, ID
Corsiglia, John, Mechanical Engineering, St. Helens, OR
Coshow, G. Horace, Premedics, Brownsville, OR
Coulter, Samuel T., Agriculture, Cascade, ID
Couper, George P., Commerce, Portland, OR
Courtright, Eunice, Commerce, Union, OR
Coyner, E. Leroy, Commerce, Bend, OR
Cram, Lewis G., Agriculture, Mentone, CA
Cramer, Vivian V., Home Economics, Silverton, OR
Craven, Milton M., Forestry, Parkdale, OR
Crisell, Allen W., Commerce, Portland, OR
Curran, John D., Agriculture, Portland, OR
Cutright, Leslie F., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR

Daniels, Thaxter N., Industrial Arts, Portland, OR
Daus, Rosalia, Commerce, Portland, OR
Davidson, Thomas, Mechanical Engineering, Ione, OR
Durgin, Tessie, Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Dunavan, David, Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Dull, Joy W., Civil Engineering, Albany, OR
Drews, Arnold H., Industrial Arts, Portland, OR
Dregnie, Edward B., Commerce, Barlow, OR
Dotson, Mable L., Home Economics, Salem, OR
Dieffenbach, Emery M., Mechanical Engineering, Salem, OR
Dhawn, Jagan N., Chemical Enginering, Kasur (Punjab), India
Denman, Wayne, Chemical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Denman, Lela M., Home Economics, Parma, ID
Dedman, Craig C., Commerce, Canby, OR
Dyer, Leta, Home Economics, Mayville, OR
Dyer, Orva E., Agriculture, Mayville, OR
Dyer, Wilma, Commerce, Mayville, OR

Eckstein, Henrietta, Pharmacy, Portland, OR
Edmunds, Milton R., Forestry, McMinnville, OR
Eilertson, John L., Agriculture, Clatskanie, OR
Elmore, Pitts, Electrical Engineering, Santa Maria, CA
Engelson, Alvin L., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Enschede, M. H., Electrical Engineering, Forest Grove, OR
Ericksen, John R., Industrial Arts, Astoria, OR
Erickson, Chester A., Mechanical Engineering, Spokane, WA
Etchells, William A., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Ewing, Riley B., Agriculture, Mt. Vernon, WA

Farra, Earl M., Commerce, Paisley, OR
Faruqui, Mumtaz A., Electrical Engineering, Lahore, India
Fendall, Lois E., Physical Education, Newberg, OR
Finch, Alton H., Agriculture, Bishop, CA
Fisher, John N., Commerce, Stayton, OR
Flinn, Helen Jane, Home Economics, The Dalles, OR
Forbes, Richard H., Chemical Engineering, Fairmont, NE
Ford, Frances, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Fors, Felix F., Commerce, Portland, OR
Foster, Ada, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Foster, Lucile, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Fremming, R. W., Mechanical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Fritz, Ione H., Home Economics, San Diego, CA
Fulton, Robert A., Chemical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Galbraith, Huxley L., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR

Gardiner, B. Edward, Electrical Engineering, Oregon City, OR
Gardner, Jack F., Electrical Engineering, Wallace, ID
Gerhart, Charles P., Agriculture, San Bernardino, CA
Gilkey, Franklin E., Agriculture, Scio, OR
Ginder, Paul E., Commerce, Pasadena, CA
Gisselberg, V. E., Mining Engineering, Portland, OR
Gnose, Ira C., Logging Engineering, Anaconda, MT
Goff, Othel G., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Goldrainer, James C., Commerce, Portland, OR
Good, Hugh David, Agriculture, San Diego, Ca
Goodale, Kenneth F., Commerce, Anaheim, CA
Gray, Richard W., Agriculture, Calistoga, CA
Gressley, Ruth L., Home Economics, Portland, OR
Grubbe, Kenneth Harold, Commerce, Albany, OR

Hale, Millard P., Forestry, Corvallis, OR
Hale, Ralph I., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Hall, Lucian J., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Hamlin, Ava B., Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Hamlin, Carroll E., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Harding, Margaret, Vocational Education, Lewiston, ID
Hawley, Ada, Physical Education, Woodburn, OR
Hawley, Thomas G., Chemical Engineering, Multnomah, OR
Hayes, Dora I., Commerce, Dallas, OR
Heidenreich, Philip A., Civil Engineering, LaGrande, OR
Hellerich, George, Mining Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Hessler, George H., Commerce, Dayton, OR
Hessler, Victor P., Electrical Engineering, Dayton, OR
Hewett, Gerald R., Pharmacy, Independence, OR
Hill, Carol J., Commerce, Halsey, OR
Hill, Donald David, Agriculture, Eugene, OR
Hillyard, Reginald C., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Hinman, John A., Commerce, Everett, WA
Hirons, Kenneth D., Pharmacy, Scio, OR
Hobart, Theodore R., Agriculture, Silverton, OR
Hoffman, Hazel, Vocational Education, Bacona, OR
Holden, Donald, Electrical Engineering, Lake Grove, OR
Holdridge, Lucile, Home Economics, Talent, OR
Holloway, Rachel Ann, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Holman, Roy L., Agriculture, Mt. Carroll, IL
Hopping, George R., Forestry, Vernon, British Columbia
Hostetler, J. Ray, Mechanical Engineering, Silverton, OR
Howard, Frank L., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Howe, Rebecca K., Home Economics, Portland, OR
Hubbs, Dorothy May, Home Economics, Silverton, OR
Hudson, Ruby M., Vocational Education, Albany, OR
Hudson, W. H., Vocational Education, Albany, OR
Hughes, Dorothy R., Commerce, Yelm, WA
Humble, Eugene A., Mechanical Engineering, Kelso, WA
Hunter, Addie R., Commerce, Corvallis, OR

Ingram, Fred, Civil Engineering, Medford, OR
Irvine, C. Paul, Markets and Marketing, Portland, OR

Jackson, Glenn L., Commerce, Albany, OR
Jacobs, Georgia, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Jahn, Ethel F., Vocational Education, Albany, OR
Jamieson, Vere, Home Economics, Jewell, OR
Jerauld, Henry F., Civil Engineering, Sacramento, CA
Jessup, Oliver C., Commerce, Portland, OR
Johnson, A. D., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Johnson, Elmer F., Electrical Engineering, Everett, WA
Johnson, E. Vivian, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Johnson, Rudolph A., Mechanical Engineering, Marshfield, OR
Johnston, Arthur J., Electrical Engineering, Milwaukie, OR
Jones, Anne, Home Economics, Pocatello, ID
Junor, Helen, Home Economics, Portland, OR

Kearney, James L., Electrical Engineering, The Dalles, OR
Kellas, Alexander M., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Kelleway, George H., Mechanical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Kennedy, Blaine, Commerce, Pendleton, OR
Kiger, Martha H., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Klaus, Frederick C., Agriculture, Salem, OR
Knight, Edythe E., Home Economics, Criterion, OR
Krieger, Philip, Mining Engineering, Portland, OR
Kriesel, Richard Meryl, Mining Engineering, Salem, OR
Kuehn, Marie, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Kylstra, Henry, Mechanical Engineering, Portland, OR

Laird, Ruth, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Lane, Roberto C., Commerce, Cascade Locks, OR
Larmer, Wilbur I., Agriculture, Covina, CA
Larsen, Winnie S., Pharmacy, Whitefish, MT
Latimer, Julia M., Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Lea, Howard P., Commerce, Forest Grove, OR
Leaf, Arthur E., Commerce, Portland, OR
Leever, Dale V., Agriculture, McMinnville, OR
Lewis, Fred R., Agriculture, Santa Ana, CA
Lindquist, Dagna, Home Economics, Silverton, OR
Llabres, Manuel, Agriculture, Philippine Islands
Lockhart, Clarence L., Agriculture, Marysville, WA
Lovegren, C. A., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Loydgren, Violet E., Commerce, Portland, OR
Luebke, B. H., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Luedinghaus, Eva, Agriculture, Vancouver, WA
Luedinghaus, Louise H., Home Economics, Vancouver, WA
Lyman, Bernice, Home Economics, Tacoma, WA
Lyman, Elwood W., Commerce, LaGrande, OR
Lyon, Ruth, Vocational Education, Pasadena, CA

Mack, J. Wayne, Pharmacy and Premedics, Hubbard, OR
Maggini, Estella, Home Economics, Sheridan, OR
Maggini, Fred, Electrical Engineering, Sheridan, OR
Magnuson, Elsie, Home Economics, Everett, WA
Marburger, Helen H., Chemical Engineering, Roseburg, OR
Marcus, Mabel E., Vocational Education, Salem, OR
Markham, Fred, Mechanical Engineering, Freewater, OR
Marks, Roland F., Pharmacy, Halsey, OR
Mason, Cora, Commerce, Ashland, OR
Mason, George S., Agriculture, Ashland, OR
Mason, Morton F., Agriculture, Pasadena, CA
Mataban, Atanasio C., Agriculture, Philippine Islands
Matthews, Lester O., Agriculture, Portland, OR
Maupin, Alfred, Chemical Engineering, Portland, OR
Maxwell, Robert W., Commerce, Portland, OR
McCart, Ray, Agriculture, McMinnville, OR
McClew, Jean M., Home Economics, Eugene, OR
McCool, Alice F., Home Economics, Boise, ID
McCourt, Josephine E., Vocational Education, Yoncalla, OR
McGee, J. H., Commerce, Pasadena, CA
McKee, Marion E., Pharmacy, Wasco, OR
McLeod, Margaret, Vocational Education, The Dalles, OR
Mecklem, Kenneth C., Agriculture, Portland, OR
Merrill, Harold, Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Merrill, Samuel, Agriculture, Pasadena, CA
Merritt, Edna May, Music, Merrill, OR
Mickelwait, Dean, Agriculture, Twin Falls, ID
Mielke, James L., Forestry, Stayton, OR
Miller, Charles, Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Miller, Dalton W., Electrical Engineering, Richland, OR
Miller, Ernest L., Electrical Engineering, Klamath Falls, OR
Miller, Marian L., Home Economics, Salem, OR
Mills, Estella, Commerce, Ukiah, OR
Montgomery, Faye, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Moore, Edene L., Home Economics, Ione, OR
Morris, Lottie E., Commerce, Yamhill, OR
Morrison, Florence J., Home Economics, Bellingham, WA
Morse, Clatyon C., Forestry, Portland, OR
Mulligan, William P., Agriculture, Seattle, WA
Munger, William, Pharmacy, Portland, OR
Murdock, Kenneth M., Logging Engineering, South Bend, WA
Newport, Mary L., Vocational Education, Lebanon, OR
Nicolle, Dorothy, Home Economics, Eugene, OR
Noonan, Chester K., Commerce, Astoria, OR
Nordberg, Frances E., Vocational Education, Winnetka, IL

Ober, Blythe H., Civil Engineering, Portland, OR
Olsen, Carl I., Chemical Engineering, Sherwood, OR
Olson, Olianna, Home Economics, Toledo, OR
Olson, O. Neil, Civil Engineering, Kelso, WA

Paine, Vernon V., Commerce, Pasadena, CA
Painter, W. Wayne, Civil Engineering, Marshfield, OR
Parker, Ralph W., Industrial Arts, Forest Grove, OR
Parmenter, Harold E., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Parson, Arvid F., Civil Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Patterson, Harold, Mechanical Engineering, Canyon City, OR
Patterson, J. D., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Peabody, Margaret E., Commerce, Centralia, WA
Perry, Kenneth S., Civil Engineering, Klamath Falls, OR
Peterson, Harry B., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Peterson, Marjorie, Home Economics, Hillsboro, OR
Peterson, Verna, Landscape Gardening, Corvallis, OR
Phillipi, Hazel D., Commerce, Scio, OR
Pierce, Belle, Home Economics, Vancouver, WA
Plank, Claudia, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Plavan, Edith C., Vocational Education, Santa Ana, CA
Plunkett, James A., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Pope, Wanda Marie, Home Economics, Merrill, OR
Portmann, Frieda B., Vocational Education, Tacoma, WA
Potter, Daryl, Mining Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Pound, John C., Electrical Engineering, John Day, OR
Puri, Mulkh Raj, Commerce, Amritsar, India

Radovich, Nikolas, Agriculture, Montenegro, Jugoslavia
Ragsdale, Evelyn R., Home Economics, Moro, OR
Ramsby, Martin E., Commerce, Klamath Falls, OR
Rauh, Irene M., Commerce, Portland, OR
Rector, Lewis E., Agriculture, Seattle, WA
Redden, Cecil V., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Redfield, Francis F., Mining Engineering, Bend, OR
Reeder, Hattie E., Commerce, Salem, OR
Reetz, Alvin M., Agriculture, Junction City, OR
Reinhardt, Earl, Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Richards, Helen, Commerce, Rickreall, OR
Ritner, Ford C., Electrical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Robbins, Danta, Vocational Education, Salem, OR
Robbins, Walter G., Mechanical Engineering, Philomath, OR
Robinson, R. W. Mechanical Engineering, Wilderville, OR
Robinson, Temple M., Forestry, Corvallis, OR
Rogers, Mildred, Professional Home Economics, Pendleton, OR
Root, Ernest L., Vocational Education, Myrtle Point, PR
Roseman, Helen, Home Economics, Dayton, OR
Ross, Ladner V., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Rossman, Frank E., Agriculture, San Francisco, CA
Rotschy, Samuel, Forestry, Vancouver, WA
Rowley, Harold A., Commerce, Eugene, OR
Ruble, Joe P., Commerce, Amity, OR
Ryan, Edward Lawrence, Commerce, Portland, OR
Ryan, Louise M., Professional Home Economics, Orange, CA

Rydell, Louis, Chemical Engineering, Willamina, OR
Sadler, Stafford C., Agriculture, Sierra Madre, CA
Sales, Dorothy, Home Economics, Petaluma, CA
Salter, Leonard, Electrical Engineering, Ontario, CA
Samdani, S. K., Civil Engineering, Patiala (Punjab), India
Sandon, Marcella, Professional Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Sandry, Gladys C., Home Economics, Rogue River, OR
Saxe, Merle K., Industrial Arts, Lexington, OR
Saurer, Matilda, Professional Home Economics, Portland, OR
Sawyers, Denabelle, Vocational Education, Elkton, OR
Schlegel, Joseph, Industrial Arts, Corvallis, OR
Schultz, George R., Mechanical Engineering, Portland, OR
Seykora, Anna M., Home Economics, Pueblo, CO
Sherwood, Andrew W., Horticulture, Portland, OR
Shinkwin, Charles, Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Shriber, William H., Electrical Engineering, Philomath, OR
Silver, Annie, Commerce, Astoria, OR
Simms, Roland E., Animal Husbandry, Emelle, AL
Slavens, Ray A., Commerce, Portland, OR
Slinger, Robert N., Electrical Engineering, Portland, OR
Sloan, Marvin A., Commerce, San Bernardino, CA
Slottee, Ruth R., Commerce, Astoria, OR
Smith, Deane, Vocational Education, San Bernardino, CA
Smith, Emil J., Agriculture, Albany, OR
Snyder, Elizabeth, Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Snyder, Walter E., Commerce, North Bend, OR
Spaur, George, Forestry, Roseburg, OR
Spight, Lindsey H., Agriculture, Hood River, OR
Spike, Eleanor, Home Economics, Echo, OR
Spike, Francis, Home Economics, Echo, OR
Spring, R. F., Agriculture, Milwaukie, OR
Squires, Eugene, Chemical Engineering, Portland, OR
Squires, Eugenia, Commerce, Portland, OR
Stannard, Frank, Vocational Education, Industrial Arts, Corvallis, OR
Stelle, Carlos E., Mechanical Engineering, Portland, OR
Stephenson, Ruth, Home Economics, Portland, OR
Stewart, Rollen F., Commerce, Carlton, OR
Stoddard, Waldo I., Commerce, LaGrande, OR
Stokesbary, Maurice R., Industrial Arts, Corvallis, OR
Stout, John W., Civil Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Stover, Dorothy I., Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Straughan, Theodore R., Electrical Engineering, Pendleton, OR
Strehler, Joseph, Forestry, Corvallis, OR
Struve, Gilbert, Commerce, Pendleton, OR
Sullivan, John D., Commerce, Portland, OR

Tadlock, Marion C., Chemical Engineering, Corvallis, OR
Tarr, Juanita K., Vocational Education, Seattle, WA
Theiring, Robert G., Commerce, Marshfield, OR
Thompson, Pauline L., Physical Education, Prosser, WA
Thompson, Robert A., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Thomas, Eleanor, Physical Education, Portland, OR
Thurston, Jabez, Electrical Engineering, Eugene, OR
Tovey, Walter B., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Towe, Arthur G., Commerce, Silverton, OR
Trask, Victor M., Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Tromp, Louis A., Vocational Education, Corvallis, OR
Trotter, Averill D., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Tucker, Mildred, Home Economics, Long Beach, CA
Tupper, Ethel L., Home Economics, Forest Grove, OR
Turner, Maxime H., Commerce, Pasadena, CA
Twidwell, Leone, Pharmacy, Portland, OR

Uhlman, Lottie Evelyn, Vocational Education, Scappoose, OR

Vanderpool, Cedric, Commerce, Portland, OR
Vance, Sara S., Commerce, Corvallis, OR
Varney, Russell M., Vocational Education, Powers, OR
Vickers, Louise N., Home Economics, Boston, MA
Vosteen, Fred, Civil Engineering, Corvallis, OR

Waddle, Nadyne, Vocational Education, Portland, OR
Wakeman, Theodore F., Electrical Engineering, Wedderburn, OR
Walker, Alice G., Vocational Education, Corvallis, OR
Weatherspoon, Gladys, Home Economics, Halfway, OR
Weeks, A. O., Commerce, Baker, OR
Welch, Herbert E., Industrial Arts, Salem, OR
Wendland, Arthur, Mechanical Engineering, Salem, OR
White, Ferris D., Electrical Engineering, Newberg, OR
White, Valdis, Electrical Engineering, Scappoose, OR
Whillock, Henry W., Commerce, Medford, OR
Wilbur, Donald, Agriculture, Corvallis, OR
Wilcox, Joseph, Agriculture, Los Angeles, CA
Wilder, Vane R., Electrical Engineering, Phoenix, OR
Wildman, John Adrian H., Commerce, Portland, OR
Willard, Jay H., Industrial Arts, Corvallis, OR
Williams, William E., Commerce, Bend, OR
Wilson, Carl F., Civil Engineering, Portland, OR
Wilson, Ruth I., Home Economics, Montebello, CA
Wilson, Virginia, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR
Winegar, Una M., Commerce, Monmouth, OR
Wong, Cuyler C., Commerce, Canton, China
Wood, Clarence Lyon, Pharmacy, Corvallis, OR
Wood, Mabel A., Home Economics, Troutdale, OR
Woodbury, Mrs. Julia O., Home Economics, Salem, OR
Woods, Harold, Electrical Engineering, Medford, OR
Worthy, Walter L., Agriculture, Corvallis, OR

Yantis, Lavelle, Home Economics, Corvallis, OR

Junior Class Officers:
Frank Lacy, President
Dorothy Dunne, Vice-President
Norma Helgesson, Secretary
Melvin Perkins, Treasurer
George Selfridge, Sergeant-at-Arms
Kenneth Perry, Forensic Manager
Glen Olmstead, Athletic Manager
Willard Leihy, Student Council
Gordon Pratt, Student Council
Alfred Serpa, Yell Leader

Sophomore Class Officers:
Oliver Matson, President
Helen Carpenter, Vice-President
Helen Daigh, Secretary
Alva McMillan, Treasurer
Charles Feike, Sergeant-at-Arms
Harry Harris, Forensic Manager
James Dixon, Athletic Manager
Jack Foyle, Student Councilman
Kenneth Rauch, Yell Leader

Freshmen Class Officers:
John Duffield, President
Ruth Slade, Vice-President
Miriam Duncan, Secretary
Harold Shield, Treasurer
Peter Ployhart, Sergeant-at-Arms
Carl Sanford, Forensic Manager
Bayard Sisson, Harold Thorp, Elbert McClelland, Athletic Managers
Clarence Staples, Yell Leader

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