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The Circus Comes to Town

Eleanor Sullivan Collection

A parade featuring camels heads west down Broadway Street in Baker City.  St Francis de Sales Cathedral looms in the background along First Street, and the building at the right now houses Eagle Valley Furniture.  This photograph belongs to Eleanor Sullivan of Brunt River.  Though there is no date on the picture, the cars in the background might offer a clue.

This picture of the Al G. Barnes Circus on Broadway and First Street on about 1927.  This circus came to Baker on a train of flat cars, they sided the flat cars on 12th Street and put up a huge 4 ring circus tent and other tents for side shows etc. on property that is now occupied by the Forest Service and Baker County yard property is now.

Local kids would get up at 3:00 am in the morning to help erect the tents and when done would receive free tickets to get into the circus.

The building on the NE corner is the Hansen-Weis Furniture Company, you can make out the HAN letters on the building, the letters would be for Hansen-Weis.  Most people in the area knew this building s the Montgomery Ward building.  It is now occupied by Eagle Valley Furniture.

About 1958 Cliff Welter Company, a local construction company did remodeling inside the building for Montgomery Ward and a company from Portland was hired to put the sheet metal siding on the front.  There was a metal canopy on the front of the building that was blown off later by a freak windstorm.

Source: Baker City Herald
  Eleanor Sullivan
  Chet Smith
  Cliff Welter
By: Gary Jeansch

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