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  Fishhawk Cemetery

  Image by Jan Bony

Surname Given Name



Andersen Andrew No dates  
Andersen Elizabeth No dates  
Anderson - No dates  
Anderson Aexl 1882-1957  
Anderson Carl J. 1876-1953  
Ane Ralph L. 1923  
Banzer Anna 1877-1936 Sisters (same stone with Othelia)
Banzer Francis X. 1880-1943  
Banzer George Dec.9,1873-Mar.27,1900 Born in Nehalem Valley Oregon (same stone with Joseph&John)
Banzer John 1872-1951 May their souls rest in peace (same stone with George & Joseph)
Banzer John J. 1872-1951  
Banzer Joseph Dec.14,1833-Dec.29,1900 Born in Triesen Liechtenstein. Died in Nehalem Valley,Oregon (same stone with George & John)
Banzer Othelia 1885-1914 Sisters (same stone with Anna)
Banzer Peter R. 1881-1961  
Barlow Leon F. August 28, 1912-August 18, 1993  
Barlow William L. 1939-1959  
Bellingham Elizabeth 1941-1992 A loving mother & faithful friend
Bellingham George E. 1862-1942  
Bellingham Guy E. 1893-1953  
Bellingham William C. 1901-1962  
Bender Karen K. 1944-1973  
Bennett Florence M. 1882-1960  
Bennett J.R. (Ray) 1879-1954  
Berg Alton M. 1907-1971  
Berg Anna 1875-1948 (same stone with Daniel)
Berg Antoni M. 1860-1940 (same stone with Katherine)
Berg Daniel 1868-1943 (same stone with Anna)
Berg Ella May Nov. 29, 1908-Dec.12, 1999 (same stone with Russell R.)
Berg Grace M. 1912-1989 (same stone with Victor W)
Berg Isabelle A. 1907-1954  
Berg John Anderson Aug.25,1931-Jan.10,1957 1st Lt. 27 Air RFLG SQ AF
Berg Judith M. Dec.11,1944-July 4, 1974  
Berg Katherine 1863-1944 (same stone with Antoni M.)
Berg Norman L. 1898-1954 Brother
Berg Robert L. March 5, 1897-Sept.13,1963 Oregon PFC Co. C 12 Infantry World War II
Berg Russell R. Feb.24, 1905-Feb.19, 1992 (same stone with Ella May)
Berg Victor W. 1903-1980 (same stone with Grace M.)
Bolin Annie E. 1873-1950  
Bolin John 1855-1913  
Bolin John Vernon Mar.26,1913Dec.8,1957  
Boxler Arnold No dates  
Boxler Pauline No dates  
Cahill Bridgett 1848-1925 HIS (same stone with John)
Cahill James 1891-1980  
Cahill James "Mike" Nov.27,1929-Mar.10,1995  
Cahill John 1889-1975  
Cahill John 1836-1922 Born in Ireland (same stone with Bridgett)
Cahill Teresa M. 1902-1969  
Carl Hiram Born 1815Died 1886 (same stone with Susanna)
Carl Susanna Born 1818Died 1906 (same stone with Hiram)
Carl William H. 1870-1957  
Carr Marie 1844-1912 (same stone with Mouritz)
Carr Mouritz 1841-1913 (same stone with Marie)
Cechmanek Louis 1920  
Cook Hazel M. 1899-1976 Auntie
Crawford David 1922- (same stone with Mary)
Crawford Mary 1921-1989 (same stone with David)
DeRosia Artemis Jul 10,1910-Mar.19,1996 PFC US Army World War II
DeRosia Artemus 1869-1936 (same stone with Bertha)
DeRosia Bertha 1869-1938 (same stone with Artemus)
DeRosia Joe 1912-1949  
DeRosia R.B. 1899-1940  
Dunlap Edward 1885-1899 Children (same stone with Mathew, Margaret, & Margaret)
Dunlap Margaret 1849-1940 Parents (same stone with Mathew, Edward & Margaret)
Dunlap Margaret 1886-1912 Children (same stone with Mathew, Margaret & Edward)
Dunlap Mathew 1838-1897 Parents (same stone with Margaret, Edward & Margaret)
Elliott Infant Jan. 29, 1897 Daughter of Andrew & Esther
Erickson Andrew 1826-1910 (same stone with Lisa)
Erickson Christina 1851-1924 Mother, At Rest
Erickson Erick Died Feb.4,1923Age 57 years 10mos We shall meet again
Erickson Lisa 1835-1911 (same stone with Andrew)
Essen Mary E. 1895-1988  
Finnell Bennie B. Feb.8,1928-July 13, 1987 Beyond the moon we’ll walk hand in hand (same stone with Johanna R.)
Finnell Johanna R. May 1,1930July 29, 1997 (same stone with Bennie B.)
Foster Dorothy J. 1916-1996 (same stone with William A.)
Foster Garnert 1825-1901 (same stone with Harriet)
Foster Harriet 1836-1893 (same stone with Garnert)
Foster William A. 1919-1986 (same stone with Dorothy J.)
Fritz Anna 1825-1909 (same stone with John & H.W. Hoberg)
Fritz John 1834-1896 (same stone with Anna & H.W. Hoberg)
Hammerberg Bruce Davis Feb.20,1947-Jun.27,1993 US Air Force Vietnam
Hammerberg Carl W. Apr.1, 1921-Nov.18,1984 T. Sgt Us Army World War II
Hammerberg Charlotte Leona Oct.12,1903-May 6,1993 (same stone with Harry Leonard)
Hammerberg Elsie Anna January 31,1943-May 13, 1983 Wife, mother, friend
Hammerberg Evelyn A. Spr.10,1926-Nov.19,1991 Beloved wife & mother. Loved by all
Hammerberg Harry Leonard May 30,1897-Nov.17,1966 (same stone with Charlotte Leona)
Hammerberg Richard E. 1926-1981 Here lies my honey
Hanberg Christine 1874- Mother (same stone with Erik)
Hanberg Erik 1855-1937 Father (same stone with Christine)
Hill Toney Sep.5,1928-May 5, 1991 US Army
Hinkel Daniel Joseph 1856-1945  
Hoberg Adah Isabel 1887-1955 (same stone with Fritz Arthur)
Hoberg Chas. M. 1884-1969  
Hoberg Fritz Arthur 1885-1950 (same stone with Adah Isabel)
Hoberg H.W. 1892-1917 (same stone with Anna & John Fritz)
Hopkins Eunice A. Sept.28,1929-April 25, 1994 (same stone with Leo M.)
Hopkins Leo M. Mar.14, 1924- (same stone with Eunice A)
Hopkins Lora M. 1894-1970 (same stone with Thomas M.)
Hopkins Sylvan P. 1921-1984 Pat, Son
Hopkins Thomas M. 1889-1979 Married Jan.24, 1917 (same stone with Lora M.)
Hopkins Jr. Thomas M. Nov.15,1917-March 15, 1950 Oregon PFC 276 Infantry World War II BSM
Hoppe Arthur William February 7, 1899-Sept.16, 1977 Born Gretna Kansas. Died Longview, Wash. Father of: 1929 Herbert W; 1933 Judith C.;1935 Jerry O.; 1937 Larry V.; 1939 Sandra J.; 1941 Sharon M.; 1941 Sheila M.; 1949. PVT US Army World War I&II
Ingram John Henry Feb.11,1942-Mar.24,2000 US Navy
Jacobson Marjorie E. 1904-1945  
Jepson E.L. Mar.20,1852-Aug.31,1893 In my father’s house are many mansions. (same stone with Lauritz)
Jepson H. Henry 1870-1958 Father (same stone with Hannah M.A.)
Jepson Lauritz Jan.5,1887-Apr.15,1907 (same stone with E.L.
Jepson Lawrence H. 1903-1976 "Jep" (Mason symbol on stone)
Jepson M.A. Born Feb.26,1878Died Feb.1,1906 Wife of Jepson, Rest in peace (same stone with H.Henry)
Johanson Jorgen 1887-1956 (same stone with Synneve)
Johanson Synneve 1886-1942 (same stone with Jorgen)
Johnson Arena 1884-1956 (same stone with August A.)
Johnson August A. 1878-1946 (same stone with Arena)
Johnson Einar E. Feb.21,1915-Nov.20,1967 Oregon PFC 376 Inf 94 Inf DivWorld War II
Johnson James S. 1883-1908 Rock of ages (same stone with Lillian E.
Johnson Lillian E. 1906-1908 His daughter (same stone with James S.)
Johnson Stanley A. Oct.18,1921-May 3,1952 Tec 5 506 Prcht InfantryWorld War II PH
Johnston Andrew 1878-1925 (same stone with Mary)
Johnston Annie B. 1885-1966 (same stone with William)
Johnston Annie E. 1907-1983 Mother (same stone with Everett J.)
Johnston Carrie Feb.22,1915  
Johnston Ellen 1845-1927 His wife (same stone with William)
Johnston Everett J. 1906-1984 Father (same stone with Annie E)
Johnston Jennie L. 1885-1951 Rock of ages
Johnston John F. 1881-1958 (same stone with Mabel A)
Johnston Mabel A. 1885-1956 (same stone with John F.)
Johnston Marjorie E. June 29,1872-July 16, 1904 Gone but not forgotten
Johnston Mark Edward Nov.9-10, 1950  
Johnston Mary 1885-1987 (same stone with Andrew)
Johnston Seymour R. 1913-1943 Abide with me
Johnston Thomas P. 1885-1963 At rest
Johnston William 1847-1921 Entered into the rest of paradise (same stone with Ellen)
Johnston William 1875-1921 (same stone with Annie B.)
Johnston William T. July 24,1910Apr. 30,1921  
Kenyon Sheryl Lynn May 8, 1954-Dec.12, 1999 Loving Wife & Mother
Koberstein 2 Girls No dates  
Larson Ethel M. 1901-1988 The Lord is my shop (same stone with Francis A.)
Larson Francis A. 1892-1984 Married Oct. 13, 1919 (same stone with Ethel M.)
Larson Grace 1896-1957 (same stone with Howard)
Larson Howard 1894-1977 (same stone with Grace)
Larson Leroy Oct.3,1930-Feb.4,1991 US Army Korea
Libel John 1816-1902 (same stone with Mary)
Libel Mary 1827-1912 His wife (same stone with John)
Lonnquist Ellen Berg February 13, 1889-january 21, 1988  
Lonnquist Junior E. August 4, 1917-February 24, 1926  
Lonnquist Rev. Joseph E. December 20,1885-march 30, 1977  
Lotze Warren R. 1929-1986 Father
Loughery Catherine 1836-1910 (same stone with Thomas)
Loughery Thomas 1843-1897 (same stone with Catherine)
Loughery W.Charles 1884-1937  
Lousignont Frank Thayer 1889-1953  
Mast John P. 1952-1996  
Mills Arby Ray 1891-1970  
Mills May J. 1891-1974  
Mills Stanley 1915- (same stone with Wesley M.)
Mills Wesley M. 1917-1936 Sons
Moran Mary Catherine June 22-23,1976  
Nelson Andrew April 1,1840-May 11, 1913 (same stone with Anna)
Nelson Anna Aug.29,1844-June 1,1919 (same stone with Andrew)
Nilson Nils 1845-1921  
Nordstrom Francis O. Feb.18,1909-Jan.25,1996 (same stone with Helen A.)
Nordstrom Helen A. June 28,1916- (same stone with Francis O.)
Nystrom Harry W. Oct.12,1886-Mar.24,1907 At Rest
Olson Anna 1859-1941 (same stone with Olof)
Olson Olof 1858-1941 (same stone with Anna)
Ott John Henry Feb.1,1947-dec.11,1989 "Jack" Phil 3:20-21
Paul Alice April 14, 1913- (same stone with Richard)
Paul Richard July 13, 1910-March 14, 1981 (same stone with Alice)
Peterson Antone 1866-1924 (same stone with Theresa)
Peterson Carrie 1835-1894 (same stone with Even)
Peterson Even 1830-1880 (same stone with Carrie)
Peterson Theresa 1852-1920 (same stone with Antone)
Ramsey Charles No dates (same stone with Chuck & Ernest)
Ramsey Chuck No dates (same stone with Charles & Ernest)
Ramsey Ernest No dates (same stone with Charles & Chuck)
Richardson George L. Sept. 1921-April 1996 Beloved husband, father, friend
Richardson Vicki L. 1968-1994 Beloved wife, daughter and friend
Rosenberg Martha E. 1877-1953 (same stone with William L)
Rosenberg William L. 1871-1947 (same stone with Martha E.)
Scott Zella Bellingham 1899-1982  
St.Clair Ernest Ed. 1903-1985 (Attrell’s Chapels)
StClair Nina B. 1908-1936  
Stonefelt Esther O. 1898-1986 (same stone with Oscar J.)
Stonefelt Oscar J. 1888-1947 (same stone with Esther O.)
Stuve Roy H. Sept.25,1901- Married April 10, 1943(same stone with Violet E)
Stuve Violet E. Nov.2,1901-Nov.9,1972 (same stone with Roy E.)
Tornblad Anna E. Hanberg 1912-1992 Always loving
Turner Henry J. 1903-1982 (Brown Funeral Home)
Van Caroline 1825-1902 Also his wife (same stone with Wm.)
Van Wm. 1815-1903 (same stone with Caroline)
Vandehey Elaine 1948-1991 (same stone with Elaine)
Vandehey Larry 1926- She’s my woman. Expensive but worth it. (same stone with Larry)
Watson Lola V. Aug.16, 1910-Oct. 3, 1976  
Woodbery A.G. No dates