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  Mist Cemetery

  Image by Jan Bony

Transcribed 1999 by Penny Stewart

Aldridge Ira R. Sept. 18,1894-Nov.30,1918 Gone but not forgotten
Amando Annie Johnson July 24 1871-Nov 17,1943  
Bachman John 1872-1924  
Bachman Emma Born Dec.24,1876
Died Dec.14,1899
Dau of J.& S. Bachman
Bachman Louis 1879-1960  
Bachman Susanna Aug.6,1844-Dec.28,1910 (same stone with John)
Bachman John Oct.9,1839-Dec.6,1908 No pains no grief no anxious fear can reach our dear one sleeping here. Farewell my wife & children all. From you a Father, Christ doth call. Mourn not for me it is vain. To call me to your sight again. (same stone with Susanna)
Baker Anna Ada Born Mar. 5, 1857
Died Mar. 30, 1901
Dearest parents thou hast left us
Left a world of pain and care
Gone to Heaven to join the angels
And a crown of glory wear. (same stone with Bradley)
Baker Bradley Born Feb.11,1847
Died Apr.4,1900
Dearest parents thou hast left us
Left a world of pain and care
Gone to Heaven to join the angels
AnD a crown of glory wear. 
(same stone with Anna Ada)
Dearest parents thou hast left us
Left a world of pain and care
Gone to Heaven to join the angels
And a crown of glory wear. 
(same stone with Bradley)
Baker Bradley Born Feb.11,1847
Died Apr.4,1900
Dearest parents thou hast left us Left a world of pain and care Gone to Heaven to join the angels Ana a crown of glory wear. (same stone with Anna Ada)
Birkenfeld Anton 1879-1904 (same stone with William, Mary Kruse,&Julia)
Birkenfeld William 1888-1913 (same stone with Anton, Mary Kruse&Julia)
Birkenfeld Mary Kruse 1833-1916 (same stone with Anton, William & Julia)
Birkenfeld Julia Oct.19,1926 Age 10 days (same stone with William, Mary Kruse & Anton
Brooks Carl no dates Wooden Marker
Brower Raymond W. 1894-1972 (same stone with Elanor E)
Brower Elanor E. 1899-1984 (same stone with Raymond W)
Brown Donald Louis February 28,1938-
Jan 10,1993
In memory of the best father and Grandpa that we ever knew. (same stone with Roberta June)
Brown Roberta June Born Jan.27,1945
Died Dec.2,1991
We will love you forever as long as we are living. My wife and mother you will be. (same stone with Donald Louis)
Buckley Anthony E. 1898-1973 (same stone with Hattie B)
Buckley Hattie B. 1905- (same stone with Anthony E)
Camberg Annie 1876-1951 Mother (same stone with Nils Andrew)
Camberg Naomi Margaret 1907-1989 (same stone with Susan Gaylene &Roscoe L)
Camberg Susan Gaylene 1938-1949 (same stone with Naomi Margaret& Roscoe L)
Camberg Roscoe L. 1903-1982 (same stone with Naomi Margaret&Susan Gaylene)
Cambert Nils Andrew 1858-1930 Father (same stone with Annie)
Carl Walter 1878-1972 Married Sept 22, 1905 (same stone with Elizabeth)
Carl Elizabeth 1887-1969 Married Sept 22,1905 (same stone with Walter)
Carl George Born 1845 Died 1935 (same stone with Ella)
Carl Ella Born 1852-Died 1953 (same stone with George)
Cechmaner Madeline E. 1916-1990 Married Sep.10,1938(same stone with Joseph)
Cechmaner Joseph 1913-1993 Married Sep.10,1938(same stone with Madeline E)
Cechmaner Frank H. 1917-1949 Husband, son & brother
Cechmaner Antonia 1886-1980 (same stone with Joseph)
Cechmaner Joseph 1879-1966 (same stone with Antonia)
Cox Harvey G. 1899-1930 (same stone with Lettie &Hugh R McAboy, Hugh G & Alma Cox)
Cox Hugh G. 1896-1965 (same stone with Lettie &Hugh R. McAboy, Harvey G. & Alma Cox.)
Cox Alma 1894-1942 (same stone with Lettie &Hugh R. McAboy, Harvey G. & Hugh G. Cox)
Cox Marguerite F. July 4,1894-July 21,1909  
Cutright Leon 1947-1999 Always loving always loved
Cutright Travis 1977-1987 Always loving always loved
Day William B. 1903-1949 Daddy-Mason symbol on stone
Devine Burell G. December 4,1928-December16,1929  
Devine Richard G. May 28,1953-Jan.10,1999 US Army Vietnam
Donovan Betty Lou Aug.4,1930-July11,1976  
Doreo Arthur Lee Mar 19,1901-Jul 6,1952  
Dowling Bernard A. 1908-1995 Married Feb.17,1956(same stone with Deane)
Dowling Deane 1909- Married Feb.17,1956(same stone with Bernard A)
Dowling Florence A. 1906-1983  
Dowling Bessie G. 1881-1961 Married Nov 10,1896(same stone with Austin A)
Dowling Austin A. 1874-1965 Married Nov 10,1896(same stone with Bessie G)
Eastman Nellie B. 1874-1955  
Eastman Lewis Birt 1876-1955  
Elliott Esther 1853-1922 (same stone with Andrew)
Elliott Andrew 1848-1919 (same stone with Esther)
Elshire Marie L. 1932  
Enneberg Edwin B. December 10, 1922 Pregon PVT 1 CL Sur Co. QMC
Enneberg Martha 1862-1926  
Enneberg Ole 1859-1941  
Enneberg Iva 1903-1967  
Flier Donna Shirley 1922-1986  
Foster Byron Sept.16,1907-Dec.22,1913  
Fouts Ida M. Nov.30,1867-Apr.27,1916 Sisters (same stone with Dora H Reynolds)
Garlock Willard W. 1904-1992 Married Jan 1,1925(same stone with Eva)
Garlock Eva 1906-1985 Married Jan 1,1925(same stone with Willard W)
Garlock Raymond R. 1901-1974 Our father who art in Heaven (same stone with Alma M)
Garlock Alma M. 1897-1977 Our father who art in Heaven (same stone with Raymond R.
Garlock Wesley M. 1872-1949 (same stone with Mari)
Garlock Mari 1875-1968 (same stone with Wesley M)
Grimsbo Katherine Pierce 1909-1972  
Grimsbo Howard Henry Nov 6,1911-Feb 12,1998  
Gronberg Clause July 10, 1852-Jan.8,1909  
Hansen Charles O. no dates  
Hanson Steven A. 1952-1979  
Harden Lydia (Day) 1917- (same stone with William B. Day&Roy W. Harden)
Harden Roy W. 1914- (same stone with Lydia Day Harden&William B. Day) In loving memory
Haycox Thomas J. 1834-1920 (same stone with Laura A)
Haycox Laura A. 1845-1930 (same stone with Thomas J)
Hedlund John 1855-1928 (same stone with Rachel)
Hedlund Rachel 1859-1941 (same stone with John)
Hedlund David 1901-1930 Son
Helson Lewis 1883-1939 (same stone with Glenn Belle)
Helson Glenn Belle 1897-1969  
Hill Amanda J. 1881-1907 (same stone with James M)
Hill James M. 1865-1951 (same stone with Amanda J)
Hill Minnie 1883-1901  
Holmes Edith L 1867-1931  
Hughes Roy E. 1898-1964  
Humble Revilla L. 1902-1940 Mason symbol on stone
Johnson Edna Carl Jan 12,1906-Dec 23,1992 Married Dec.16,1926(same stone with William Claude)
Johnson William Claude July 26, 1899-Oct 15,1959 Married Dec.16,1926(same stone with Edna Carl)
Johnson Oscar J. 1880-1930 Married Jan 1904(same stone with Jessie J)
Johnson Jessie J. 1888-1986 Married Jan 1904(same stone with Oscar J)
Johnson Andres W. 1849-1928 (same stone with Matilda C)
Johnson Matilda C. 1857-1928 His Wife (same stone with Anres W)
Johnson Clyde L. Sep.13,1890-Apr.19,1979 US Army World War I
Johnson Eva L. Sept.5,1888-Sept.30,1906  
Johnson Johann August Born Nov.27,1837
Died Mar.15,1911
Rest in peace
Johnson Frank I. Apr.25,1858-Nov.23,1908 (same stone with Samuel&Anna M)
Johnson Samuel June 11,1825-Jan 15,1900 (same stone with Frank I&Anna M)
Johnson Anna M. Dec.17,1876-Dec.18,1899 (same stone with Samuel&Frank I)
Jones Raymond Earl Mar.30,1915-Sept.7,1915 (same stone with Maggie Bernice)
Jones Maggie Bernice Dec.30,1917-Jan.1,1919 (same stone with Raymond Earl)
Jones Oscar Leo 1886-1974  
Jones John W. 1842-1917 (same stone with Jane)
Jones Jane 1849-1908 His wife (same stone with John W)
Jones James E. 1876-1954  
Jones Delmar Earl Jun 4,1928-Apr 16,1982 PFC US Army Korea
Jones George 1880-1956 (same stone with Dorthy)
Jones Dorothy 1887-1955 (same stone with George)
Jones Mildred F. 1896-1965  
Karvonen Baby 1945  
Kauppi Henry William August 2,1906-April30,1945 Pharmacist’s Mate 1 Cl USNR
Kauppi Minnie 1873-1932 Mother
Kauppi Helmie R. 1908-1962  
Kauppi George T. <Ted> 1911-1991  
Knowles Earl J. Oct.12,1913-Aug.19,1965 Oregon PFC 150 Infantry World War II
Knowles Elsa E. 1879-1970 (same stone with Irving E)
Knowles Irving E. 1882-1959 (same stone with Elsa E)
Knowles Helen 1918-1925 Beloved daughter of IE & E.
Kyser Wayne L. Oct 16,1921-Nov 5,1988 (same stone with Irene L)
Kyser Irene L. Jul 18,1927- (same stone with Wayne L)
Lake   no dates Wooden Marker
Lane Guy Feb.17,1891-Apr.19,1916 Gone but not forgotten
Larson Kate A. no dates Mother (same stone with John H)
Larson John H. no dates Father (same stone with Kate A)
Libel Ida B. 1866-1883  
Libel John O. 1882-1947 Father (same stone with Clara A)
Libel Clara A. 1886-1981 Mother (same stone with John O)
Lind Bangt N. Born May 8,1842
Died June 20, 1910
Malmberg Carl 1882-1911  
Mathews Myrtle S. 1904-1995 (same stone with Robert U)
Mathews Robert U. 1902-1982 (same stone with Myrtle S)
Mathews George T. Apr.12,1906-Mar.25,1979  
Mathews Lucius P. 1878-1956 (same stone with Bess Upson)
Mathews Bess Upson 1875-1965 (same stone with Lucius P)
Matson Arminda Mar Born 9-28-1915
Died 3-16-1992 Age 72
Matson John Edward Born 1/25/1912
Died 1/22/1997 Age 84
McAboy Lettie Cox 1869-1929 Mother (same stone with Hugh R.McAboy, Harvey G., Hugh G.,& Alma Cox)
McAboy Hugh R. 1933 Aged 4 mo. (same stone with Lettie McAboy, Harvey G., Hugh G.&,Alma Cox)
McCauley Baby Goldie no dates  
McCauley Elizabeth E. 1873-1960 (same stone with Ernest L)
McCauley Ernest L. 1874-1945 (same stone with Elizabeth E)
McMullen William 1831-1929 Father
McMullen Mary 1928-  
Melis Percy E. Aug.1,1898-June 3,1984 I loved this life for many years now that I’m gone, let there be no tears. Mason symbol on stone.
Melis Robert Irving 1896-1915  
Melis Charley Died Oct.20,1901
Aged 68yrs13dys
Rest in peace. Farewell my wife and children dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
And after me no sorrow take
But love each other for my sake.
Melis Alphon Raymond Jan 5,1875-May 9,1954 (same stone with Emma Knowles)
Melis Emma Knowles Aug 1,1876-Jan 2,1957 (same stone with Alphon Raymond)
Messing A.Augusta Sept.12,1858-Nov.23,1908 (same stone with August S&Claus E)
Messing August S. June 23,1892-June 1,1898 (same stone with A.Augusta&Claus E)
Messing Claus E. Aug.30,1848-Oct.16,1895 (same stone with A.Augusta&August S)
Miller James 1843-1936  
Nelson Lester Arvine Jun 5,1920-Apr 19,1976 Cpl Army Air Forces World War II
Nelson Virgil 1926-1988 F1 Us Navy World War II
Nelson John Born 1870-Died 1933 (same stone with Anton Olson)
Nelson Mrs. no dates Wooden Marker
Nordstrom Andrew 1859-1948 Father (same stone with Mary)
Nordstrom Mary 1876-1951 Mother (same stone with Andrew)
Nystrom Louis 1862-1932 (same stone with Helena Hendrickson)
Nystrom Helene Hendrickson 1876-1959 (same stone with Louis)
Nystrom Conrad W. Mar 12,1899-Nov 7,1973  
Nystrom Liston D. 1909-1993 (same stone with Winifred V)
Nystrom Winifred V. 1917- (same stone with Liston D)
Oakes Myrtle Seletta 8-11-1908-10-13-1987  
Oakes Milton Albert 1899-1959  
Oblack Max 1910-1986 Married Dec 21,1935(same stone with Bertha L)
Oblack Bertha L. 1914- Married Dec 21,1935(same stone with Max)
Oliver Walter D. Feb 11,1908-Apr 14,1974 Oregon PVT US Army World War II
Olson Anton Born 1850-Died 1936 (same stone with John Nelson)
Parkinen Iver T. 1906-1941 (same stone with Johannah & Charles W)
Parkinen Johannah 1869-1930 (same stone with Iver T & Charles W)
Parkinen Charles W. 1893-1918 (same stone with Iver T. & Johannah)
Pfnister Dolores Sanders Nov 29,1928-Sep 25,1997 Beloved mother
Phillips Frederick 1846-1923 GAR
Rachal Walter J 1929 Son (same stone with Phanor)
Rachal Phanor 1898-1983 Father (same stone with Walter J)
Reynolds Dora H. June 20,1878-Feb.20,1944 Sisters (same stone with Ida M.Fouts)
Reynolds Harrison M. 1889-1968 Father (same stone with Martha M)
Reynolds Martha M. 1892-1965 Mother (same stone with Harrison M)
Reynolds Thomas Armour Nov 4,1910-Jan 25,1993 SGT US Army World War II
Reynolds Edward A. 1882-1949  
Robbins Oliver Lincoln 1865-1953 Beloved father & grandfather
Robbins Alice N. 1883-1948  
Robinson Ida T. 1909  
Robinson Henry 1911-1964  
Roeser Gail Aug 18,1944-Oct 25,19??  
Rogers Ollie Maude 1885-1973 Our mother
Sanders Leslie A. August 14,1952-
August 12,1994
Schlehuber Raymond G. 1937-1991  
Schultz Bertha Born July 4,1830
Died Nov.14,1913
I am the resurrection and the life
John XI 25
Serby Casper 1910-1987 (same stone with Ruby)
Serby Ruby 1924- (same stone with Casper)
Shearer Walter S. 1854-19- (same stone with Millie H)
Shearer Millie H. 1857-1941 (same stone with Walter S)
Spetcht James no dates Wooden Marker
Streif Lorita A. Born 7/20/1904
Died 5/8/1999 Age 94
Sundland Charles May 16,1894-Jan 16,1982 (same stone with Jeannette)
Sundland Jeannette Jan 19,1855-Mar 12,1988 (same stone with Charles)
Sunman Anna 1844-1914  
Taylor George B. 1874-1929  
Taylor Ray M. 1910-1994  
Taylor Fyrne 1914-  
Titus J.N. Jim Born July 24,1942
Died November 15,1991
Turner George 1898-1971 Married Dec 4,1918(same stone with Sigrid)
Turner Sigrid 1901-1981 Married Dec.4,1918(same stone with George)
Turner Walter J. 1874-1950  
Wallace Ainsworth 1879-1951 (same stone with Anna W)
Wallace Anna W. 1886-1955 (same stone with Ainsworth)
Wallace Eder T. 1883-1937  
Wallace John M. 1889-1911  
Wallace John 1846-1911 (same stone with Sarah)
Wallace Sarah 1856-1908 His wife (same stone with John)
Wanstrom Ida G. 1863-1929  
Wanstrom Peter 1853-1933  
Wanstrom Ida M. 1857-1935 Peter’s wife.
Wanstrom Wilbur G. 1919-1919  
Wanstrom Dorothy Ann 1925-1942  
Wanstrom Ellen O. Nov 21,1894-Jan 16,1980  
Wanstrom Gustav P. 1850-1971 Oregon PVT MG Co 13 Infantry World War I
Welter Pearl Eva 1921-1973  
White Dorma July 1916-July 1983 Loving husband and father (same stone with Lucille)
White Lucille Dec 1916-Aug 1979 Loving wife and mother (same stone with Dorma)
Williams Helen Margia Born 02/28/20-
Died 12/21/96 Age 76
Williams Louie E. Jul 18,1910-Feb 22,1993 US Army World War II
Wilson John H. 1838-1924 (same stone with Amanda E)
Wilson Amanda E. 1840-1926 His Wife (same stone with John H)
Wilson Francis E. 1874-1968  

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Transcribed 1999 by Penny Stewart
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