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Columbia Funeral Home, Inc.

~ I ~

SH or blank means St. Helens
CC means Columbia Chapel
CL means Clatskanie
SS means Sunset (Warren, 1957-1963)

Ibister, Elizabeth K. - 1950:SH
Icenogle, Gary C. - 1961:SH 
Icenogle, Marion - 1957:SH 
Icenogle, Nancy M. - 1982:SH 
Icenogle, Sarah - 1955:SH 
Icenogle, William - 1962:SH 
Illian, Frederick W. - 1963:SH 
Illian, Sarah - 1957:SH 
Imbeck, John - 1938:SH 
IMBODEN, Opal L - 1995
Inlow, Ilivia L. - 1980:SH 
Inlow, Olivia L. - 1980:SH 
INMAN, Myrtle C - 1991
IORG, Alan W - 1991
Irby, Joy Beth - 1984:SH 
Ireland, Frank M. - 1942:SH 
IRISH, Patrick J - 1995
Irwin, Donald H. - 1973:SH 
Irwin, Mida E. - 1971:SH 
IRWIN, Salina E - 1991
Isaac, Anna - 1975:SH 
Isaac, Arlie W. - 1985:SH 
Isaacson, Gust - 1951:SH 
Isaia, Bartholomew - 1957:SH 
Isaia, Madalena - 1952:SH 
Isaia, Pete - 1942:SH 
Isbister, Ihomas - 1943:SH 
Isenburg, Marshall - 1940:SH 
ISETT, Barbara A - 1991
Isiah, Dorothea M. - 1989:SH 
Isiah, Dulce M. - 1975:SH 
Issac, William D. - 1969:CC 
Issacson, Gust A. - 1962:SH 
ITEL, Mary A - 1999
Ivanoff, Alice V. - 1963:SH 
Iverson, Josephine A. - 1979:SH 
IVERSON, Merle L - 1992
Ivons, Joseph - 1931:SH                              

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Abstracted by Noel and Barbara Thompson and Dewey and Wilma Kearsley from the records of the Columbia Co. Funeral Home., Inc. St. Helens Oregon
Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded

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