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Rainier Obituaries Surname U - V

 Unruh, Alex 1890-1987 CC 08-06-1987 p8 c1
 Urie, Clyde 1879-1966 RR 10-06-1966 p1 c5
 Urie, Ethel J. Wonderly 1885-1981 TDN 01-19-1981 pB2 c5
 Usher, Brian Kelly 1959-1997 TDN 08-06-1997 pB3 c2

Surname V
 Vale, Mattie Jane 1899-1945 RR 11-15-1945 p1 c2
 Vale, Olive Eva 1896-1960 RR 03-31-1960 p1 c6
 Vance, Cecil L. 1909-1983 TDN 07-07-1983 pB2 c4
 Vandergellen, Arthur F.--1979 TDN 08-06-1979 p17 c5
 VanGorder, Charles 1908-1989 TDN 09-12-1989 pB2 c3
 VanHoozer, William E.1885-1958 RR 08-26-1958 p1 c6
 Vann, Sarah E. 1892-1981 TDN 04-02-1981 pB2 c5
 VanNatta, Sharon Irene1965-1971 RR 10-28-1971 p1 c8
 VanOrman, Leana -----1936 RR 01-03-1936 p1 c2
 VanSwoll, Anna 1885-1962 RR 07-26-1962 p1 c2
 VanSwoll, Elsie V. 1910-1970 RR 09-03-1970 p1 c4
 VanSwoll, Jacob 1872-1962 RR 12-06-1962 p1 c6
 VanSwoll, Ralph A. 1908-1997 TDN 05-19-1997 pB3 c4
 Veatch, Belle 1871-1950 RR 03-16-1950 p1 c3
 Veatch, Belle 1871-1950 RR 03-23-1950 p1 c5
 Vermilyea, Rex W. 1915-1997 TDN 11-11-1997 pB3 c1
 Vibbert, Louisa B.P.1864-1927 RR 10-21-1927 p1 c6
 Vigoren, Donald E. 1941-1997 TDN 03-04-1997 pB3 c1
 Vincent, Samuel -----1927 RR 05-27-1927 p1 c2
 Virgillo, Eugene D. 1957-1981 TDN 02-04-1981 pB2 c5
 Viuhkola, Elsie 1912-1942 RR 09-10-1942 p1 c3
 Viuhkola, Hans -----1942 RR 11-26-1942 p1 c2
 Viuhkola, Wilma L. 1926-1982 TDN 01-04-1982 pB2 c1
 Vogel, George W. 1860-1918 RR 09-19-1918 p1 c5
 Vogel, Mary T. 1913-1987 SHC 01-14-1987 p2 c4
 Voight, Pauline E. -----1934 RR 02-02-1934 p1 c6
 Vollmer, Emma Jane 1924-1996 TDN 07-16-1996 pB2 c3
 Vosteen, Elizabeth 1862-1944 RR 12-21-1944 p1 c3
 Vosteen, Fred H. 1866-1949 RR 03-03-1949 p1 c4

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Abstracted by Noel and Barbara Thompson and Dewey and Wilma Kearsley from the records of the Columbia Co. Funeral Home., Inc. St. Helens Oregon
Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded

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