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ADAM, Pvt. Unknown; Graveyard Point
ADOLPHSEN, Anna; Langlois
ADOLPHSEN, Anna; Langlois
ADOLPHSEN, Asmus; Langlois
ADOLPHSEN, Christian; Langlois
ADOLPHSEN, Donald; Port Orford
ADOLPHSEN, Hans H.; Langlois
ADOLPHSEN, Ralph; Langlois
ANASTASI, John; Pistol River
ANDERSON, E. Pete; Langlois
ANDERSON, Maggie B.; Langlois
ASHMAN, Bertha F.; Port Orford
ATKINSON, James; Langlois
AVERY, unknown; Haines
BAGNELL, Alford; Bagnell
BAGNELL, Jennie; Bagnell
BAKER, Ewin J.; Port Orford
BAKER, Lucy Underwood; Port Orford
BARLOW, Jim; Barlow; Barlow
BARNES, Forest Clifton; Pistol River
BARNES, Orillee Clarissa Ismert; Pistol River
BARTLEY, Jerry Lee; Port Orford
BARTOW, Edward Lee; Pistol River
BELCHER, John Andy; Port Orford
BELLONI, Hazel; Langlois
BEMENT, Edwin J.; Langlois
BEMENT, George Sidney; Langlois
BEMENT, Lovicia C.; Langlois
BERSAGER, Christopher; Port Orford
BILLINGS, Adeline B.; Big Meadows
BILLINGS, Albert; Foster Creek
BILLINGS, Emmeline; Foster Creek
BILLINGS, Evered; Big Meadows
BILLINGS, George; Big Meadows
BILLINGS, John; Big Meadows
BILLINGS, Raleigh; Foster Creek
BLACKBURN, Eugene Jesse; Port Orford
BLACKLOCK, Agnes B.; Port Orford
BLACKLOCK, John; Port Orford
BLUE, Charles E.; Port Orford
BLUE, Myrtle G.; Port Orford
BLUHM, Louis; Port Orford
BOND, Joel; Port Orford
BOSSEN, Edgar; Langlois
BOSSEN, Mary; Langlois
BOSWELL, Kathy Walker; Pistol River
BOWMAN, Corrine Alice; Langlois
BOYD, William C.; Langlois
BREEDEN, Marcus R.; Oak Flat
BREWER, Ernie; Foster Creek
BRITTON, Carl Irvin; Langlois
BROWN, Frank A.; Langlois
BROWN, Mrs. H.B.; Pistol River
BROWN, Hugh; Pistol River
BROWN, Pat Arne; Langlois
BRYANT, Emeline Van Pelt; Van Pelt
BURNS, E. B.; Foster Creek
BURNS, H.; Port Orford
BURT, Dwight l.; Pistol River
CAREY, Asa Ballard; Port Orford
CAREY, Jennie; Geisel Monument
CAREY, Martha A.; Fox Hill
CAREY, Martha Millis; Port Orford
CAREY, Olive; Port Orford
CARLSON, Fay Myrtle Ismert; Pistol River
CARNS, Oliver I.; Pistol River
CARPENTER, Asa; Pistol River
CARPENTER, Leroy; Pistol River
CAUGHELL, Anna H.; Port Orford
CAUGHELL, Beulah; Port Orford
CHANNON, Joel; Payne
CHEEVER, Edward H.; Langlois
CHEEVER, Sarah E.; Langlois
CHENOWETH, John R.; Langlois
CHENOWETH, M. H.; Langlois
CHENOWETH, Marion H.; Langlois
CHENOWETH, Miles Nolan; Langlois
CHENOWITH, Bertha Callyn; Langlois
CHENOWITH, Edward Meritt; Langlois
CHESLEY, Hattie; Langlois
CHESLEY, Henry; Langlois
CHOAT, Alvine Marie; Oak Flat
CLARKE, Anna Ismert; Pistol River
CLARKE, Clara A.; Pistol River
CLARKE, Dent; Pistol River
CLARKE, Jack; Pistol River
CLARKE, N. D.; Pistol River
CLARNO, Effie Jane; Port Orford
CLARNO, William; Port Orford
CLAYPOOL, Edward Clark; Oak Flat
CLOSE, Joe; Pistol River
COLEBROOK, Frederick W.; Port Orford
COLEBROOK, Frederick; Port Orford
COLEBROOK, George; Port Orford
COLEBROOK, William J.; Port Orford
COLEMAN, John; Pistol River
COLGROVE, Gene Noel; Pistol River
COLGROVE, Stanley D.; Pistol River
COLVIN, Henry "Sam"; Colvin
CONSER, Alice; Pistol River
COOK, Frank P.; Langlois
COOK, Robert R.; Langlois
COOLEY, Elizabeth Hill; Cooley
COOLEY, Frances A.; Cooley
COOLEY, Miller; Cooley
COON, Leo "Shorty"; Pistol River
COOPER, Arthur, M. D.; Cooper
CORBIN, Margaret L.; Port Orford
CORBIN, Tracy E.; Port Orford
CORRICK, Clyde E.; Langlois
COSTELLOE, Edmond; Costelloe
COSTELLOE, Revis; Langlois
COX, Catherine; Langlois
COX, Isham; Langlois
COX, Jane F.; Langlois
COX, Joe A.; Langlois
COX, Mary A.; Langlois
COX, Nondy Lee; Langlois
COX, Opal Irene; Langlois
COX, Otho Lafayette; Langlois
COX, Ralph E.; Langlois
COX, William W.; Langlois
COY, Freddie; Geisel Monument
COY, Jessie B.; Oak Flat
CRAWFORD, Anna; Payne
CREESEN, Scotty; Foster Creek
CREW, Charles; Crew
CREW, Charles; Port Orford
CREW, James I.; Langlois
CREW, Margaret; Crew
CRITESER, Mary E. "May"; Bald Ridge
CROCKETT, Dollie E. Crook; Pistol River
CROCKETT, Donald; Pistol River
CROCKETT, Joseph G.; Pistol River
CROCKETT, Judith; Pistol River
CROCKETT, Zahnie J.; Pistol River
CROOK, Harvey D.; Pistol River
CROOK, Herbert W.; Pistol River
CROOK, Irma Crook; Pistol River
CROOK, Julia Myrtle Moore; Pistol River
CROOK, Wilda Hickock; Pistol River
CROOK, William Henry; Pistol River
CROWLEY, George W.; Langlois
CROWLEY, James P.; Langlois
CURRY, George W.; Port Orford
CURRY, Pearl H.; Port Orford
CURRY, Rose; Port Orford
DAMON, L. A. "Slim"; Mule Creek
DAVIS, William G.; Port Orford
DEAN, Albert H.; Port Orford
DEAN, Anna M.; Port Orford
DEAN, Bradford W.; Port Orford
DEAN, Grace McBride; Port Orford
DEAN, Lillian Wolfer; Port Orford
DEAN, Mary Eva; Port Orford
DEAN, Nathaniel S.; Port Orford
DeHAVEN, Arlie A.; Langlois
DEL MAR, Mrs. Cora; Bald Ridge
DIETRICH, W.; Iron Mountain
DIVELBISS, Daniel H.; Port Orford
DIVELBISS, Edward Hayes; Port Orford
DIVELBISS, Ernest; Port Orford
DIVELBISS, George D.; Port Orford
DIVELBISS, Mary A.; Port Orford
DOCK, Anna B.; Port Orford
DODGE, Sarah A.; Langlois
DOLLAR, Bertha; Langlois
DOLLAR, T. H.; Port Orford
DUFFY, Michael; Cape Blanco
DUNCAN, Unknown; Oak Flat
DUNNING, Frank Thomas; Pistol River

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