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EAST, Tommy; Mule Creek
EDSON, Christina; Geisel Monument
EDWARDS, George; Foster Creek
EDWARDS, Infant; Foster Creek
ENGLEMAN, Elizabeth; Merriman
ENGLEMAN, Jacob; Merriman
ENGLEMAN, Sarah; Merriman
ESTES, James H.; Port Orford
ESTES, Wanda B.; Port Orford
ETCHISON, Nickolas Scott; Port Orford
FACKERELL, Calvin; Pistol River
FARNAM, Jim; Payne
FARRIER, Charles N.; Langlois
FARRIER, Francis I.; Langlois
FARRIER, George M.; Langlois
FARRIER, Guy Edward; Langlois
FARRIER, John F.; Langlois
FARRIER, Verna; Langlois
FENDRICK, Stanley Anton; Pistol River
FENDRICK, Virginia Ellen Walker; Pistol River
FIELDER, James, Sr.; Van Pelt
FIELDER (Twins); Van Pelt
FINK, Joseph; Brookings
FISH, Cornelius; Fox Hill
FISH, Eugene; Fox Hill
FITZHUGH, John W.; Langlois
FLADGER, Eloise H.; Port Orford
FLADGER, Ralph; Port Orford
FLEETWOOD, Matt; Langlois
FORD, Mary; Pistol River
FORD, Tom; Pistol River
FORTY, Charles; Port Orford
FORTY, George, Sr.; Port Orford
FORTY, George; Port Orford
FORTY, Georgie E.; Port Orford
FORTY, Infant; Cape Blanco
FORTY, Infant; Cape Blanco
FORTY, Maude; Port Orford
FORTY, Roberta Myrtle; Port Orford
FOSTER, Charles; Foster Creek
FREUND, F. A.; Langlois
FRITZ, Ernest; Pistol River
FRITZ, Hazel; Pistol River
FRITZIE, Mourice; Meservey
FROMM, Christina; Port Orford
FROMM, Johannes; Port Orford
FROMM, John; Port Orford
FROMM, Robert; Port Orford
FROMM, Theron J.; Port Orford
FROMM, Walborg; Port Orford
FRY, Alice; Oak Flat
FRY, Alice; Oak Flat
FRY, Alvenia; Oak Flat
FRY, Billy; Oak Flat
FRY, Cecil; Oak Flat
FRY, Chauncey; Oak Flat
FRY, Darrell; Meservey
FRY, Dayse J.; Oak Flat
FRY, Edna; Oak Flat
FRY, Eliza; Oak Flat
FRY, Emma; Oak Flat
FRY, Eugene Raymond; Oak Flat
FRY, Eureka; Foster Creek
FRY, Frank; Oak Flat
FRY, Freddy; Oak Flat
FRY, Geraldine; Oak Flat
FRY, Grant; Oak Flat
FRY, Ike; Fry
FRY, Infant; Foster Creek
FRY, James D.; Oak Flat
FRY, James M.; Oak Flat
FRY, John; Oak Flat
FRY, Kenneth R.; Oak Flat
FRY, Lottie M.; Oak Flat
FRY, Martin; Oak Flat
FRY, Moses W.; Oak Flat
FRY, Richard M.; Oak Flat
FRY, Sarah; Oak Flat
FRY, Vici J.; Oak Flat
FULLER, Jim; Fry
GALLIER, William W.; Langlois
GARDNER, Baby; Pistol River
GARDNER, Benjamin Franklin; Pistol River
GARDNER, Harley Benjamin; Pistol River
GARDNER, Rebeccah A. Forgy; Pistol River
GASS, Clara Helen; Port Orford
GATCHET, Freeman; Pistol River
GATCHET, Myrtle; Pistol River
GEISEL, Andrew; Geisel Monument
GEISEL, Henry; Geisel Monument
GEISEL, John, Sr.; Geisel Monument
GEISEL, John; Geisel Monument
GIBBS, Tom; Haines
GIBSON, Milton B.; Langlois
GILFILLAN, Catherine M.; Port Orford
GILLINGS, John F.; Port Orford
GILLINGS, Mabel A.; Port Orford
GILLINGS, William; Port Orford
GOUDY, Etta Owens; Pistol River
GOUDY, L. E. "Bud"; Pistol River
GRANGE, Carol I.; Port Orford
GRIFFIN, Genevieve C.; Langlois
GUERIN, Charlotte; Langlois
GUERIN, Ella; Langlois
GUERIN, Floyd Halsey; Langlois
GUERIN, Fredrick T.; Langlois
GUERIN, George H.; Langlois
GUERIN, George H.; Langlois
GUERIN, Harry A.; Langlois
GUERIN, James T.; Langlois
GUERIN, John Long; Langlois
GUERIN, Maggie E.; Langlois
GUERIN, Pricilla A.; Langlois
GUERIN, Thomas D.; Langlois
GUERIN, William Stephen; Langlois
HAAKONSEN, Ansgar Martinius; Port Orford
HAGA, John Marshall; Langlois
HAGENSEN, Anna M.; Langlois
HAGENSEN, Hans Peter; Langlois
HAGENSEN, Ole Peter; Langlois
HAINES, Hanna; Haines
HAINES, Joe; Haines
HAINES, Liberty; Haines
HALE, L. W.; Langlois
HALE, Nettie; Langlois
HALL, Fred F.; Langlois
HALL, Garland R.; Port Orford
HALL, Lena E.; Langlois
HALL, Leona C.; Langlois
HALL, Valeta L; Port Orford
HAMILTON, G. A.; Pistol River
HARDENBROOK, Baby; Pistol River
HARDENBROOK, Charley; Pistol River
HASTINGS, Alec; Bagnell
HATFIELD, W. W.; Benham
HAWKINS, Annie J.; Langlois
HAWKINS, Athalia A.; Langlois
HAWKINS, Bonnie Sue; Langlois
HAWKINS, Harvey A.; Langlois
HAWKINS, J. E.; Langlois
HAWKINS, James W.; Langlois
HEDGEPETH, Joel; Tichenor
HEDGEPETH, Nellie McGraw; Tichenor
HEDGES, Lucy N.; Langlois
HENRY, Alfred A.; Pistol River
HENRY, Aurora A.; Pistol River
HENRY, George W.; Pistol River
HENSLEY, Twila Marie; Port Orford
HICKOX, E. B.; Port Orford
HICKOX, Sophia A.; Port Orford
HILDRETH, Louie C.; Port Orford
HILL, Pvt. Unknown; Graveyard Point
HOCKEMA, Bess; Pistol River
HOCKEMA, Paul; Pistol River
HOFSESS, Edwin A.; Langlois
HOFSESS, Frederick A.; Langlois
HOFSESS, Jonah H.; Langlois
HOFSESS, Lydia C.; Langlois
HOFSESS, Oren Walter; Langlois
HOFSESS, Vickie Jo; Langlois
HOOK, Clarence Lee; Pistol River
HOOK, Darla; Pistol River
HOOK, Steven; Pistol River
HOPPING, Mary E.; Port Orford
HOUGHTON, C. M.; Langlois
HOWE, James F.; Port Orford
HUCKTILL, Unknown; Hucktill
HUGHES, Baby; Van Pelt
HUGHES, Jeannette; Van Pelt
HUGHES, Patrick; Cape Blanco
HUMPAGE, Floyd H.; Pistol River
HURST, Glen F.; Pistol River
HURST, Sarah J.; Port Orford
HURST, William R.; Port Orford
HUTCHINSON, Sam; Pistol River
HUTTON, Wilhelmina Laura; Langlois

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