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Indian Joe; Fox Hill
INGELL, Clarence L.; Port Orford
INGELL, Iris Margarete; Port Orford
ISMERT, Bill; Pistol River
ISMERT, Clarke Baby; Pistol River
ISMERT, Edith; Pistol River
ISMERT, Edward; Pistol River
ISMERT, Elma Metzgus; Pistol River
ISMERT, Eugene Peter; Pistol River
ISMERT, Frankie; Pistol River
ISMERT, Harry; Pistol River
ISMERT, Henry Isaac; Pistol River
ISMERT, John P.; Pistol River
ISMERT, Katherine; Pistol River
ISMERT, Mary; Pistol River
ISMERT, Merlin; Pistol River
ISMERT, Merna Ismert; Pistol River
ISMERT, Mollie; Pistol River
ISMERT, Otto Franklin; Pistol River
ISMERT, Ralph; Pistol River
ISMERT, Robert Henry; Pistol River
ISMERT, Vera L.; Pistol River
JAMIESON, Amaziah A.; Port Orford
JAMIESON, Eunice L.; Port Orford
JAMISON, Charles Albert; Langlois
JARRETT, Oleta May Walker; Pistol River
JARRETT, Vernon E.; Pistol River
JENSEN, John; Huckleberry Knoll
JESS, Henry W. B.; Port Orford
JESS, Ida C.; Port Orford
JINKS, David E.; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Agnes D.; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Harold R.; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Joseph S.; Pistol River
JOHNSON, Karl H.; Langlois
JOHNSON, Lawrence; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Leander Perry; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Lillie A.; Port Orford
JOHNSON, Lorraine Ismert; Pistol River
JOHNSON, unknown; Huckleberry Knoll
JOHNSON, William R.; Port Orford
JOHNSTON, Henry; Port Orford
JOHNSTON, Mary Eva; Port Orford
JOLLY, Fred Straight; Langlois
JONES, George Albert; Langlois
JONES, Hathaway; Foster Creek
JURGENSON, Ida C.; Port Orford
JURGENSON, N. P.; Port Orford
KAISER, Florence Van Pelt; Van Pelt
KASPAREK, Maude; Port Orford
KELLER, Winton; Oak Flat
KENNEDY, Henry M.; Langlois
KNAPP, Ella; Port Orford
KNAPP, Harold L.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Hazel M.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Louis L.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Louis; Port Orford
KNAPP, Marion M.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Mary A.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Orris N.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Orris, Jr.; Port Orford
KNAPP, Rachael Magdalene; Port Orford
KOCH, Julius A. H.; Port Orford
KOLKOVETZ, Andrew; Port Orford
KREUTZER, Kenneth Charles; Langlois
KRONSTEINER, Corn; Langlois
KRONSTEINER, Joseph; Langlois
LACEY, Helen M.; Tichenor
LACEY, Willis; Huckleberry Knoll
LANE, Bertha M.; Port Orford
LANE, James Talton; Port Orford
LANGLOIS, Audrey Elizabeth; Port Orford
LANGLOIS, Idella Genevia; Port Orford
LEE, Clarinda; Port Orford
LENEVE, Dyer; Port Orford
LENEVE, Kate; Port Orford
LEWIN, Warren Jess; Langlois
LEWIS, Charley; Mule Creek
LIBBY, Charles S.; Langlois
LIBBY, Esther Ruth; Langlois
LIBBY, Flora Mae; Langlois
LIMPACH, J. M.; Port Orford
LIMPACH, J. Michael; Port Orford
LIMPACH, Mary; Port Orford
LIMPACH, William P.; Port Orford
LIND, Elmer; Van Pelt
LINDBERG, Edward A.; Port Orford
LINDBERG, John Harvey; Port Orford
LINDBERG, Peter John; Port Orford
LINDBERG, Savanah F.; Port Orford
LINDBERG, Syneva R; Port Orford
LINKE, Carl; Pistol River
LONG, Charles A.; Langlois
LONG, Marion B.; Langlois
LONG, Unknown [Mr.]; Fort Orford
LOPEZ, Rosa; Van Pelt
LOWELL, Thelma Irene; Port Orford
LUCAS, Marcellus; Lucas

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