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MADIGAN, Mike "Griz"; Huckleberry Knoll
MAGNESON, Olga Marie; Port Orford
MALEHORN, S.T.; Langlois
MARSH, Alford J.; Port Orford
MARSH, Mary A.; Port Orford
MARSH, Robert; Port Orford
MASON, Barbara Fritz; Pistol River
MATHER, Baby; Port Orford
MATHER, Mrs. R. C.; Port Orford
MATHISEN, J.; Brookings
MAUPIN, Dorthy G.; Oak Flat
MAYDEN, Frank C.; Brookings
McBRIDE, Annie E.; Port Orford
McBRIDE, John J.; Port Orford
McBRIDE, Lutetia A.; Port Orford
McCARTHEY, Denis; Cape Blanco
McFARLAND, unknown; McFarland
McGRAW, Aldyth H.; Tichenor
McGRAW, Alexander; Tichenor
McGRAW, Edward Walker; Tichenor
McGRAW, Edward; Tichenor
McGRAW, Elizabeth; Tichenor
McGRAW, Ellen Isadore; Tichenor
McGRAW, Frederick Virgil; Tichenor
McGRAW, Sarah Ellen Tichenor; Tichenor
McINTEE, Alpheus M.; Langlois
McINTEE, Eula Mae; Langlois
McINTEE, Vernon; Langlois
McKENZIE, Elizabeth V.; Port Orford
McKENZIE, Georgiana; Port Orford
McKENZIE, John W.; Port Orford
McKENZIE, Katie; Port Orford
McKENZIE, Margaret T.; Port Orford
McKENZIE, Robert; Port Orford
McKIEL, Alexander; Port Orford
McKIEL, Mary Katherine; Port Orford
McLOAN, unknown; Huckleberry Knoll
McMANN, El_ H.; Bagnell
McMANUS, Phil; Pistol River
McMULLEN, Catherine; Cape Blanco
McMULLEN, Frank; Cape Blanco
McPHILLANEY, Robert; Port Orford
McPHILLANEY, Sarah; Port Orford
McPHILLANY, Robert; Port Orford
MEAD, Flora Pather; Pistol River
MEAD, Joseph Tuttle; Pistol River
MELTON, Norma L.; Port Orford
MELTON, Russell M.; Port Orford
MERRILL, Josephine; Fox Hill
MERRIMAN, Roxanna; Merriman
MESERVEY, Addie Thornton; Meservey
MESERVEY, Elisha Harding, Jr.; Meservey
MESERVEY, Elizabeth "Lizzie"; Meservey
MESERVEY, Infant boy; Oak Flat
MESERVEY, Infant; Meservey
MESERVEY, Lula; Meservey
METZGUS, Byrdie Brinkerhoff Crook; Pistol River
METZGUS, Carrie Maud Blackmon; Pistol River
METZGUS, Fred; Pistol River
METZGUS, Gustave E.; Pistol River
MILLER, A. R.; Merriman
MILLER, Carl E.; Port Orford
MILLER, Charles; Pistol River
MILLER, Donald Warren; Pistol River
MILLER, Gary K.; Pistol River
MILLER, Guy A.; Merriman
MILLER, J. D.; Merriman
MILLER, Janet; Pistol River
MILLER, Kenneth W.; Pistol River
MILLER, L. E.; Merriman
MILLER, Noble Q.; Langlois
MILLER, Pearl F.; Pistol River
MILLER, Randy L.; Langlois
MILLS, James R.; Port Orford
MILLS, Roy D.; Port Orford
MOLIS, John E.; Ocean View
MOORE, Kate M.; Port Orford
MOORE, Pauline Brokaw Carpenter; Pistol River
MORRIS, Jon E.; Pistol River
MORTON, Anna M.; Langlois
MULKEY, Ellen Fry; Oak Flat
MULKEY, Elvarrow; Oak Flat
MUNSEY, Col.; Colonel Munsey
MYERS, Charles; Pistol River
NEELY, Mary E.; Port Orford
NEELY, Newton B.; Port Orford
NEWKIRK, Delbert L.; Port Orford
NEWMAN, Emelie; Port Orford
NICHOLS, Homer Charles; Langlois
NIELSEN, Mary Alice; Port Orford
NIELSEN, Nels C.; Port Orford
NODINE, Catherine; Langlois
NORDBERG, Alice M.; Port Orford
NORDBERG, Frantz; Port Orford
NORDBERG, William; Port Orford
NORRIS, James E.; Langlois
NYGREN, Agnes Bell; Port Orford
NYGREN, Alexander Nelson; Port Orford
NYGREN, Nelson; Port Orford
OLSEN, Alfred; Tichenor
PADDADE, Raymond E.; Mule Creek
PANOZZO, Jean Carol; Port Orford
PANOZZO, Ronald G.; Port Orford
PAPPAS, George Jass; Brookings
PAULL, Evelyn M.; Langlois
PAULL, Mary E.; Langlois
OWENS, Amanda; Pistol River
OWENS, Frank H.; Pistol River
OWENS, Henry W.; Pistol River
OWENS, Sarah A.; Pistol River
PAPPAS, George Jass; Brookings
PAULL, Thurman E.; Langlois
PAYNE, Henry; Payne
PAYNE, Jerry; Payne
PAYNE, Sarah; Payne
PEARSE, Charles H.; Port Orford
PEARSE, Rebecca F.; Port Orford
PEREZ, Nadine; Oak Flat
PERKINS, Nathaniel W.; Port Orford
PERRY, Thaddeus P.; Brookings
PFISTERER, Frederick; Port Orford
PFISTERER, Mrs. Minnie; Port Orford
PHENNEGER, Wesley M.; Langlois
PHILLIPS, Aaron Ray; Port Orford
PHILLIPS, Bert; Langlois
PHILLIPS, Grace V.; Langlois
PHILLIPS, Stuart H.; Langlois
PINGLETON, Dennis Ray; Port Orford
PITNER, Lois M.; Port Orford
PLUMMER, Ida Van Pelt; Van Pelt
POLLARD, Obard; Mule Creek
POLLEY, Lauretta H.; Brookings
POLLEY, Wilburn P.; Brookings
POMEROY, Mary Charlotte; Langlois
POMEROY, Wallace Prince; Langlois
POST, Charlie; Port Orford
POST, Stanley; Port Orford

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