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QUELLEN, Dietrich; Port Orford
QUELLEN, Marie; Port Orford
QUILHAUGH, Maud; Quilhaugh

RANSOM, Evelyn Marie; Brookings
RICHARD, Alfonzo; Port Orford
RICHARD, Evaline R.; Port Orford
ROBINSON, Tom; Port Orford
ROE, Porshia Leigh; Port Orford
ROLAND, Roy S.; Langlois
ROSE, C. B.; Port Orford
RUMLEY, Lucy; Bagnell
RUMLEY, William; Oak Flat
RUSSELL, Cora Lee; Langlois
RUSSELL, James P.; Langlois
RUSSELL, Mary; Langlois
RUSSELL, Nancy; Langlois
RUSSELL, Robert C.; Langlois
RUSSELL, Samuel F.; Langlois

SABIN, Gary Roy; Langlois
SABIN, Leah Emma; Langlois
SABIN, Walter J.; Langlois
SABIN, William Upton; Langlois
SACKETT, Harold F.; Port Orford
SACKETT, Zona May; Port Orford
SAMMIS, Carl A.; Port Orford
SAMMIS, Margie L.; Port Orford
SANDMANN, Kathleen Patricia Ismert; Pistol River
SAWYERS, Jake; Pistol River
SAWYERS, Violet "Vi"; Pistol River
SHAW, Martha F.; Langlois
SHERIDAN, Ena McKenzie; Port Orford
SHERIDAN, William H.; Port Orford
SHRADER, Floyd Lee; Pistol River
SHRADER, Frances Elizbeth Ismert; Pistol River
SHURTZ, Alice L.; Port Orford
SMITH, Amanda M.; Port Orford
SMITH, C. W.; Ocean View
SMITH, Eliza; Ocean View
SMITH, Elizabeth; Langlois
SMITH, Frank; Port Orford
SMITH, Henry B.; Langlois
SMITH, Mary Jane; Langlois
SMITH, R. N.; Ocean View
SMITH, Robert M.; Port Orford
SMITH, Vernon Ray; Langlois
SMITH, W. C.; Ocean View
SNEAD, Pearl; Langlois
SNODGRASS, Beulah; Carpenter
SNODGRASS, Sarah; Carpenter
SNODGRASS, William; Carpenter
SORENSON, Jens; Langlois
SORENSON, Marie; Langlois
SORENSON, William; Langlois
SOUTHARD, Mrs. J. W.; Foster Creek
SPARRETORN, Carl L.; Langlois
SPARRETORN, Lulu; Langlois
SPEARE, Dolores George; Pistol River
SPEARE, Frank; Pistol River
SPENCE, Lena Ismert; Pistol River
SPOERL, Stephen John; Port Orford
STANSELL, Robert Fred; Pistol River
STARR, Evelyn A.; Pistol River
STARR, Henry G.; Pistol River
STEINHAUER, Courtney; Langlois
STEPHENS, Unknown; Brookings
STEVENS, Mary E.; Port Orford
STONE, Edgar Brame; Pistol River
STRAIN, Edna R.; Langlois
STRAIN, Frank H.; Langlois
STRAIN, Ruby; Langlois
SULLIVAN, William; Cape Blanco
SUMMERS, Betsy; Battle Rock
SUMMERS, Ralph Erastus; Battle Rock
SUMMERS, Ralph, Jr.; Battle Rock
SUTTON, George W.; Port Orford
SUTTON, Jesse T.; Port Orford
SUTTON, John A.; Port Orford
SUTTON, Louisa; Port Orford
SUTTON, Mary G.; Port Orford
SUTTON, Walter; Port Orford
SVIHUS, Richard; Port Orford
SWITZER, Roxie A.; Langlois
SYDMAN, Alton B.; Langlois
SYDMAN, Clifford R.; Langlois
SYDNAM, Charles; Langlois
SYDNAM, Clarence G.; Langlois
SYDNAM, George D.; Langlois
SYDNAM, George W.; Langlois
SYDNAM, Sarah T.; Langlois
SYPHER, Anna E.; Langlois
SYPHER, Arthur W.; Langlois
SYPHER, Edward B.; Langlois
SYPHER, Freddy; Langlois

TAYLOR, George L.; Langlois
TAYLOR, Gladys Ismert; Pistol River
TAYLOR, Homer Lee; Pistol River
THOMAS, "Enos"; Battle Rock
THOMAS, Ethel; Clay Hill
THOMAS, Florie; Foster Creek
THORNTON, Nettie B.; Oak Flat
THRIFT, Mary Gibson; Langlois
TICHENOR, Anna; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Captain William; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Corp. Jacob; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Elizabeth; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Frank B.; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Grover; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Jacob B.; Tichenor
TICHENOR, Jenny; Bagnell
TICHENOR, Randolph; Bagnell
TIMEUS, Baby; Pistol River
TOLSON, Claude W.; Port Orford
TOMLINSON, William; Port Orford
TOOLEY, Clarence "Casey"; Port Orford
TOOLEY, Frances; Port Orford
TRUAX, Infant; Truax
TUCKER, Harvey; Langlois
TURNER, Darren W.; Pistol River
TURNER, Eleanor Bullard; Pistol River
TURNER, Martha A.; Pistol River
TURNER, Vernon; Pistol River

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