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UNICAN, Bridget Mary; Port Orford
UNICAN, Fred; Port Orford
UNICAN, Herman H.; Port Orford
UNICAN, John W.; Port Orford
UNICAN, Lucinda R.; Port Orford
UNKNOWN, Coquille brave; Battle Rock
UPTON, Cloey M.; Langlois
UPTON, Hon. Jonas H.; Langlois
UPTON, Jonas H.; Langlois
VAIL, John; Pistol River
VANCAMP, Celia; Langlois
VANORT, Will; Langlois
VAN PELT, Amelia "Welsuni"; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Charles; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Ellen Green; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Jennie; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, John; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Lincoln; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Nellie Watson; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Nora; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Robert; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Rosa Green; Van Pelt
VAN PELT, Thomas "Le Wah"; Van Pelt
WALKER, Alice M. Young; Pistol River
WALKER, Alicia Lee; Pistol River
WALKER, Allen Edward, Jr.; Pistol River
WALKER, Allen Edward, Sr.; Pistol River
WALKER, Antone; Oak Flat
WALKER, Arthur G.; Pistol River
WALKER, Barbara Kelsey; Pistol River
WALKER, Bernice Irene; Pistol River
WALKER, Charles; Pistol River
WALKER, Claude Averill; Pistol River
WALKER, Dean; Oak Flat
WALKER, Harriett Lenore Paskins; Pistol River
WALKER, James Robert; Pistol River
WALKER, Leslie Allen; Pistol River
WALKER, Marion Francis; Pistol River
WALKER, Maurice A.; Pistol River
WALKER, Oleta Averill; Pistol River
WALKER, Phyllis A. Moore; Pistol River
WALKER, Ralph Sydney; Pistol River
WALKER, Robert Moore; Pistol River
WALKER, Robert Zahniser; Pistol River
WALKER, Sydney Aaron; Pistol River
WALKER, Vida Dee Crook; Pistol River
WALKER, William James "WJ"; Pistol River
WALKER Wilma M. Turner; Pistol River
WALLACE, Alice May; Langlois
WALLACE, Mary; Langlois
WALLACE, Robert L.; Langlois
WARD, Emma Louise; Langlois
WARD, Thomas J.; Langlois
WASSON, Wilfred; Pistol River
WEAVER, Elizabeth A.; Langlois
WELLS, Dottie; Langlois
WELLS, Hank; Pistol River
WELLS, Nelson S.; Port Orford
WEST, Oren James; Langlois
WHEELER, J. P.; Wheeler
WHITE, Alice V.; Port Orford
WHITE, Alice; Port Orford
WHITE, Bill; Foster Creek
WHITE, Carlos James; Port Orford
WHITE, Eugene L.; Port Orford
WHITE, Frances W. Curry; Port Orford
WHITE, Harry O.; Port Orford
WHITE, Hettie Ann; Langlois
WHITE, John T.; Langlois
WHITE, Joseph Thomas; Langlois
WHITE, Joseph; Langlois
WHITE, Leah R.; Langlois
WHITE, Leland L.; Port Orford
WHITE, Louise Ethel; Port Orford
WHITE, Margaret; Port Orford
WHITE, Mrs.; Foster Creek
WHITE, Willis T., Sr.; Port Orford
WHITNEY, unknown; Haines
WHITTED, Robert; Fox Hill
WHITWORTH, Emry; Port Orford
WHITWORTH, Hattie; Port Orford
WICKS, Harold S.; Brookings
WILLARD, Helen O.; Langlois
WILLARD, Jerome B.; Fox Hill
WILSON, Emma Fry; Oak Flat
WILSON, Joanne; Langlois
WILSON, Sam; Payne
WINSOR, Charles S.; Tichenor
WINSOR, Lottie (Charlotte Wythe); Tichenor
WINSOR, William S.; Tichenor
WITTMAN, Mary C.J.; Langlois
WOLF, Unknown; Foster Creek
WOODEN, Harry Jefferson; Langlois
WOODEN, Helen Edith; Langlois
WOODEN, Robert Lee; Langlois
WOODRUFF, Lyman; Woodruff
WOODRUFF, Nelson R.; Fox Hill
WOODWORTH, John; Bagnell
WOODWORTH, John; Bagnell
WOSTELI, Fred O.; Mule Creek
WRIGHT, Mort; Port Orford
WRIGHT, Nancy; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Charles W.; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Clarence W.; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Dick; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Edna E.; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Eleanor; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Elizabeth C.; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Henry J.; Port Orford
ZUMWALT, Marion R.; Port Orford

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