Curry County, Oregon Cemeteries

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  • Agness Pioneer Cemetery [see Oak Flat Cemetery]
  • Armpriest Cemetery
  • Bagnell Ferry Cemetery [a.k.a. Rumley Hill Cemetery]: Located 3 miles north of Old US 101 (Jerry's Flat Rd.---just southeast of the Rogue River Bridge in Gold Beach), off of Squaw Valley Road; below Bill Russell home.
  • Barlow Cemetery [gravesite]: Located near Marial (northeast of Illahee).
  • Bald Ridge Cemetery: Located near the air field in Marial (northeast of Illahee).
  • Battle Rock [gravesites]: These graves are located on historic Battle Rock at Battle Rock State Park in Port Orford, just off of US 101 S.
  • Benham Lane Pioneer Cemetery: Located on Benham Lane in Harbor
  • Bigelow Cemetery
  • Big Meadows Cemetery [see Billings Cemetery]
  • Billings Cemetery [a.k.a. Big Meadows Cemetery]: Located near Illahee.
  • Buffington Cemetery--
  • Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery [a.k.a. Hughes Cemetery]: Located about 5 miles north of Port Orford on Cape Blanco Highway, property once owned by the Hughes family. There was once a small Catholic Church here called St. Mary, Star of the Sea.
  • Carpenter Cemetery [a.k.a. Snodgrass Cemetery]: Located at the Arnold Carpenter homesite near Carpenterville, southeast of Pistol River.
  • Clarno Springs Cemetery [gravesite]: Located near a small creek at Clarno Springs, north side of the Rogue River opposite Jerry's Flat (just southeast of the Rogue River Bridge in Gold Beach)on old US 101.
  • Clay Hill Cemetery [gravesite]: Located above Clay Hill Lodge, up Clay Hill Creek, 14 miles up the Rogue River from Agness; on Rogue River Trail.
  • Colonel Munsey Cemetery [gravesite]: Located in Signal Butte area east of Gold Beach.
  • Colvin Cemetery [gravesite]: Located on a hilltop at the Jack Leith ranch, Hunter Creek, southeast of Gold Beach. This was the former homestead of Henry "Sam" COLVIN
  • Cooley Cemetery: Located on Pedrioli Lane in Harbor, southwest of the Van Pelt Cemetery.
  • Costelloe Cemetery [gravesite]: Located 5 1/2 miles up Winchuck River, southeast of Brookings.
  • Crew Cemetery: Located on Piercy Sweet Ranch, on the north side of the mouth of Elk River, between Sixes and Port Orford.
  • Davis Cemetery [gravesite]
  • Denmark Cemetery [a.k.a. Langlois Cemetery] [a.k.a. Willow Creek Cemetery]: Located on Floras Lake Loop, off of US 101, just southwest of Langlois and northwest of Denmark.
  • Dr. Cooper Cemetery [gravesite]: Located 1 mile down Cape Ferrello Road, off of US 101, north of Brookings.
  • Edgerton Cemetery
  • Edson Cemetery
  • Elephant Rock Cemetery
  • Fort Orford Cemetery [gravesite]: This is an unlocated/unmarked grave on the site of Fort Orford, near downtown Port Orford.
  • Foster Creek Cemetery [a.k.a. Illahe Cemetery]: Located near Illahee at the top of the knoll between Foster Creek and the road to Powers at Big Bend; 300 yards uphill.
  • Fox Hill Cemetery: Located on a hill north of the mouth of Euchre Creek; on Euchre Creek Road, across from the Ophir School (off US 101, north of Gold Beach). Trees in plot have been cut and land has been plowed under for pasture. No markers remain.
  • Fry Cemetery: Located near site of Fort Lemory up Rogue River, east of Gold Beach.
  • Geisel Monument: This monument marks the site where four members of the Geisel family were massacred by Indians in 1856. The graves have been maintained and are preserved in an Oregon State wayside (west side of highway) located north of Gold Beach on US 101.
  • Gibbs Cemetery
  • Gold Beach Cemetery [a.k.a. Rogue Cemetery]: Located on Hunter Creek Road, off of US 101, southeast of Gold Beach.
  • Gold Beach Pioneer Cemetery: Located next to Gold Beach Presbyterian Church in a fenced plot adjacent to McKay's grocery store in Gold Beach.
  • Graveyard Point Cemetery [gravesites]: These lost graves are located somewhere on Graveyard Point, above the dock in Port Orford.
  • Guerin Cemetery
  • Haines Cemetery: Located near Dement Ranch in Eckley area.
  • Halfmoon Bar Cemetery [gravesite]: Located on Half Moon Bar on the Rogue River; northeast of Marial.
  • Hawkins Cemetery
  • Hoosknaden Creek Cemetery [gravesite]
  • Huckleberry Knoll Cemetery: Located just above Bear Pen Flat on the South Sixes River, southeast of Sixes.
  • Hucktill Cemetery [gravesite]: Located near Floras Creek, southeast of Langlois; unmarked.
  • Hughes Cemetery [see Cape Blanco Cemetery]
  • Illahe Cemetery [see Foster Creek Cemetery]
  • Iron Mountain [gravesite]: Located on old Smith claim on Iron Mountain, northwest of Illahee, near Coos County line.
  • Jack's Creek Cemetery
  • Langlois Cemetery [see Denmark Cemetery] [a.k.a. Willow Creek Cemetery]
  • Lobster Creek Cemetery
  • Lowery Cemetery
  • Lucas Cemetery [gravesite]: Located near the Rogue River on a hill at the north side of the mouth of Shasta Costa Creek, northeast of Agness.
  • Masonic-Knapp Cemetery [see Port Orford Cemetery]
  • McFarland Cemetery [gravesite]: Located across from Quosatana Creek at the point it enters the Rogue River. Grave is on private property and no marker is indicated.
  • Merriman Cemetery [a.k.a. Miller Cemetery]; Located on the ridge near Jerry's Flats about 1 1/2 mile up the south sideof the Rogue River above the highway (US 101) bridge at Gold Beach.
  • Meservey Cemetery: Located near Little Silver Creek on the north bend of the Rogue River; near Newhouse Cabin; opposite the mouth of Nail Keg Creek, southwest of Agness.
  • Miller Cemetery [see Merriman Cemetery]
  • Mule Creek Cemetery: Located near Mule Creek, northeast of Marial, up the Rogue River.
  • Oak Flat Cemetery [a.k.a. Agness Pioneer Cemetery]: Located on Oak Flat Road, 3.1 miles southeast of Agness.
  • Ocean View Cemetery: Located 15 miles east of Langlois, at the Harvey Smith homesite on Bethel Creek Road.
  • Old Brookings Cemetery: Located on Old County Road in Brookings.
  • Paradise Bar Cemetery [gravesite]: Located near Paradise Bar, in the Rogue River, southwest of Marial.
  • Payne Family Cemetery: Located on Gardner Ridge Road, near North Chetco Rd., northeast of Brookings.
  • Pioneer Cemetery--
  • Plum Tree Cemetery: Located near Sixes River, east of Sixes.
  • Pistol River Cemetery: Located near Pistol River
  • Port Orford Cemetery [a.k.a. Masonic-Knapp Cemetery]: Located on Cemetery Loop Road (old US 101), southeast of Port Orford.
  • Pugh Cemetery
  • Quilhaugh Cemetery [gravesite]
  • Quosatana Creek Cemetery
  • Ralph-Clarno Cemetery
  • Rat Hole Cemetery
  • Rilea Cemetery
  • Rogue Pioneer Cemetery [see Gold Beach Cemetery]
  • Rumley Hill Cemetery [see Bagnell Cemetery]
  • Sgt. Smith Cemetery [gravesite]
  • Sixes Cemetery [Chinese miners' gravesite]
  • Skookum House Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery: Located near Hunter Creek, southeast of Gold Beach.
  • Snodgrass Cemetery [see Carpenter Cemetery]
  • Thomas Creek Bridge Cemetery [gravesite]
  • Thrift Ranch Cemetery
  • Tichenor Cemetery: This cemetery is located on Coast Guard Hill (Spy Glass Hill) in Port Orford; the entrance is on private property.
  • Truax Cemetery [gravesite]: Located at Truax homesite on Floras Creek, southeast of Langlois.
  • Tompkins Flat Cemetery
  • Turner Cemetery
  • Van Pelt Cemetery: Located on Hoffeldt Street in Harbor.
  • Ward Memorial Cemetery
  • Wheeler Cemetery [gravesite]: Located up Winchuck River Road southeast of Brookings.
  • Wheeler Creek Cemetery
  • William James Ward Memorial Cemetery: Located at 1035 7th Street in Brookings.
  • Willow Creek Cemetery [see Denmark Cemetery] [a.k.a. Langlois Cemetery]
  • Woodruff Cemetery [gravesite]: Located on Nesika Beach Road, 1/2 mile north of the junction of Nesika Beach Frontage Road and US 101, northwest of Gold Beach.



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