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Agate Beach, Lincoln County, Oregon

This site will be strong on providing records of people who lived here, natives and settelers, but since I am a history buff, it will also be very focused on history of this area, and ancient history too.


Our mission is to provide data bases here free to help people to find the ancestors who came to this county.

If you donate research data to this website, you will receive full credit for your work.

In this process we honor all native traditions here. 

Always get reservation permission to walk and record native cemeteries.

We honor those who went before us. 



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The Oregon Territory and its Pioneers



  Siletz Office with major towns shown on map to the left.

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Reservation Visit here to see a collection of old photographs. 

History of Treaties and The Siletz People.

Siletz Native Cemeteries, six in all.

In 1855 The Coast Reservation was about 1 million acres.

But through encroachment by settlers and broken treaties, by 1924 the native land was gone.

Court battles won back land for  the Siletz and Grand Ronde.

By Dawes Act settelers and natives drew land allotments of 80 acres each. 




West coast of Oregon was the home of five Indian nations, with each group labeled by their Indian name, spelled as best we can determine.

Most of the tribes and groups named herein eventually was gathered at the Grand Ronde or Siletz reservations.

I was surprised to find that the Athapascan Indians of Alaska also lived in Oregon and Washington.


Types of records we hope to attain and post here include, but are not limited to, Burial, Birth, Death, Marriage, Census, Tax, Land, Military, History of this place.

All contributors of records will be credited by name.