Bibliography, Centennial Pioneer Families of Baker County, Oregon

Note: The majority of the material in this Roster has come from interview with members of the various families. Much of the material is not published. The Roster has relied only lightly on published materials, and then as a cross-reference. However, some sources are listed here for the use of those who may wish to prepare research on their own families in detail.

Gaston, Joseph Centennial History of Oregon, 1811-1911, S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, In Four Volumes (See especially Vol. II.)

Hiatt, Isaac, Thirty One Years in Baker County

Western Publishing Company, History of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties, 1902

Bedrock Democrat, Baker, Oregon, Microfilm at Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon. Certain films at Baker Co. Library

Record-Courier, Baker, Oregon, has carried much background material on Pioneers and events of interest to county history.

Oregon Section, Baker Public Library, Baker, Oregon, has much material on County History.

Baker Chapter, Oregon Historical Society, has done much research.

Oregon Historical Society at Portland, has the State's largest archive.

Bancroft Library, San Francisco, has accumulated an extensive collection of early Oregon documents, and is an excellent source for the serious scholar of history.

Military records are available for study at Sandpoint Military Base, Seattle, Washington.

Eastern Oregon State College has become interested in the literary productions of the Eastern part of the state and also has a historical section.

Many families have personal papers and pictures. Some of these used in this volume were from John and Barbara Stewart, Hartwell Hayes, Mrs. Ethel Love and Mrs. Thelma Pritchard.


Centennial Pioneer Families of Baker County, by Ruth H. Evans



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