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Casualties World War II, Union County, Oregon

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Casualties World War II
~ Army, Army Air Force ~

The long number following the name is the selective service number, rank, other letters, 
KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death, 

Surname First Serial Number Rank Death State County
Adams Arthur I. 0-435845 1 LT KIA Oregon Union
Adkins Joe H. 20935116 SGT DNB Oregon Union
Arnoldus Robert T. 0-412133 MAJ KIA Oregon Union
Ayres Rudolph J. 0-900609 LT C DNB Oregon Union
Balcom Charles A. 0-925837 2 LT DNB Oregon Union
Bates Earnest E. 19169883 TEC 4 DNB Oregon Union
Boehler Theaphil 37316285 TEC 5 KIA Oregon Union
Buck Nelburn G. 0-71740 1 LT FOD Oregon Union
Burnett Douglas 6579728 CPL KIA Oregon Union
Chandler Joe W. 39342699 TEC 4 DOW Oregon Union
Curtis Benjamin F. 39467783 PFC DOW Oregon Union
Daly Dwayne J. 19005909 CPL DNB Oregon Union
Edvalson Lloyd K. 39468122 PFC KIA Oregon Union
Fullmer Marland R. 6588831 TEC 5 DNB Oregon Union
Gambill William W. 0-743000 1 LT DNB Oregon Union
Hansen Leo V. 39454184 PFC DNB Oregon Union
Henderson Lewis H. 6579856 PFC KIA Oregon Union
Holowitz John 39301571 TEC 5 KIA Oregon Union
Hopkins Frank Jr. 20935249 T SG KIA Oregon Union
Irvin Delbert R. 01297896 1 LT KIA Oregon Union
Jenkins William B. 39682942 PVT DNB Oregon Union
Keffer Verlin S. 39481801 PVT DOW Oregon Union
Malinowski Arthur 0-747548 2 LT KIA Oregon Union
Morehead Lyle E. 0-749043 1 LT KIA Oregon Union
Murchison George A. 39460720 TEC 4 KIA Oregon Union
Niemi Mathews J. 39300510 PVT KIA Oregon Union
Osborn Urgel E. 6566298 PVT KIA Oregon Union
Phillips Paul W. 39456190 SGT KIA Oregon Union
Reuter Raymond F. 0-689824 CAPT KIA Oregon Union
Robertson Charles W. 02035374 2 LT KIA Oregon Union
Rochester Eugene E. 0-435996 2 LT DNB Oregon Union
Smith Marvin O. 39307717 PVT DNB Oregon Union
Spencer Lee R. 19110381 SGT FOD Oregon Union
Trump John H. 6579833 PFC DNB Oregon Union
Thidwell Wilfred L. 39464195 PFC KIA Oregon Union
White Eugene 0-802371 2 LT KIA Oregon Union
York Drakeford L. 39452412 S SG KIA Oregon Union




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