Jay H. Dobbin

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Jay H. Dobbin

Jay H. Dobbin

One of the most distinguished pioneers of Wallowa County was Jay H. Dobbin.  Born in DeKalb County, Illinois on February 12, 1870, he left home at the age of 19, came to Union County in about 1889, worked there a couple of years on stock ranches, went into farming for himself in 1891 and in 1895 came to Wallowa County.  Taking up a ranch on the Snake River and acquiring farming land in the valley he soon became the largest sheep operator in the county.  He not only was a successful stockman, but he was a leader in livestock associations and in business circles.  But most of all he was a staunch and upright

Christian practicing the highest ideals of community service and responsibility.

This picture was taken on his 90th birthday, February 12, 1960, perhaps the last time he was on a horse.  But he sat upright showing a powerful determination and a great spirit.

The contributions of Jay Dobbin to Wallowa County were exceeded by those of no other man.


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