Rock Creek, Baker County, Oregon

The town of Rock Creek no longer exists, even in the late 1940's there wasn't a town there, just a small community of houses.  If you have any information you would like to contribute on Rock Creek or Baker County, please use our comment form.  Thanks!!

Rock Creek Cemetery
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Rock Creek School 1898

Rock Creek Obituaries
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Rock Creek Power Plant
Once A Source Of Power - Now A Source Of History

Phyllis Badglery Remembers Rock Creek Power Plant
Memories of when the power plant was in
operation, many names

Shooting of George Chase
The tragic shooting of Chase by his stepson

The Flood at Rock Creek
as remembered by
George A. Fisher

     A dam was built at the outlet of Killimacue Lake to store irrigation water.  In June of 1917, the reservoir had been filled for that year's water supply of water.  One morning, a strong western wind began blowing across the lake.  It whipped up waves, crowding the water over the dam, and the water went out with a rush.  Traveling at a rapid rate, it wasn't long coming down the steep Killimacue canyon to Rock Creek town.

     John Yankey heard the roar of the oncoming flood and hurried around to the neighbors and warned them to hurry to higher ground.  As a result of Yankey's warning, no lives were lost in the flood.

     In a matter of but a few minutes, a large part of Rock Creek town was washed away: Harry Young's Store, the M. E. Church, Frank Relling's Pool Hall, the Hotel, Springer's Blacksmith shop, John Yankey's slaughter pen, the butcher shop, Archey's Pool Hall, Mr. ______ Hearing's residence, a barn or two and lesser buildings, used as woodsheds, chicken houses, etc.  Some cattle, hogs, and chickens were drowned and deposited 2 or 3 miles downstream.

     Without the flour mill and with the coming in use of the automobile and much improved roads, there was little incentive to rebuild the town of Rock Creek.

Belva Ticknor has contributed these photos and information on Rock Creek.

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Rock Creek 1900

Rock Creek School ~ 1910

Rock Creek School 1925

Eastern Oregon Light and
Power Company Plant
on Rock Creek, Baker County, Oregon

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