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Welcome to Wallowa County, Oregon, the Northeastern most county in the heart of the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.  I am Judy White your host, the one who moves things around so you can't find what you are looking for, and puts the information on line that so many people have submitted.

Dixie RickerWallowa County has been blessed with  Janine Bork, (Previous Host), Jim Reavis, Gary Jaensch, and Dixie Ricker who have contributed so much of the information on these pages.  I hope their nimble fingers never wear out!!  Dixie has been helping for some time now putting together all of the obituaries from the Wallowa and Union newspapers.  She also lived in Wallowa county and until a short time a go made frequent return trips.  If your not subscribed to Wallowa County Mailing List, you should as you will see Dixie at work in answering peoples queries.

Please enjoy your visit, come back often and if you have a question, please just click.

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If you look at the right column you will see the most searched pages in Wallowa County.  Oregon Counties are other counties we host.  Oregon Genealogy Records are information pages for the state of Oregon and links to other sites that may provide links to your ancestors.  Other Records are sites we use in our own search, not all specific to Oregon. The information below is basically the same as what is listed there.

Wallowa County Telephone Book, 1907
Lostine, Enterprise, Joseph and Wallowa Exchanges

Wallowa County Teachers, 1903

Nez Percé Legend of Wallowa Lake
Wallowa Lake Monster

How to Submit your Tombstone Photos

Wallowa County Tombstones

Eastern Oregon Photo Album

Eastern Oregon Obit Database Updated

Wallowa County Marriages 1887-1983
You can also search our Marriage pages for Ancestors

Wallowa County Early History
These will load very slowly as they are large images

Wallowa County Bank Robbery
there is a connection between these 2 stories
Joseph Bank Robbery

Maxville A Logging Camp
Maxville was a logging camp owned by Bowman-Hicks Lumber Company.

Families of Flora
The combined 1900/1910 census for Flora, Wallowa County, Oregon

School Days
Surnames of Wallowa County Students
School Photos and More School Photos

Letters From Home
I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did while
adding them back to these pages!

Wallowa History Center
A great group of people in Wallowa County, helping researchers find their Ancestors
You should consider joining!! 

Chief Joseph
Many articles contributed by Jim Reavis on the Nez Percé leader and his tribe

Northwestern Fights and Fighters
A complete book on line, the first 5 chapters are about
Joseph and the Nez Percé war.

Wallowa County Post Offices, (past and present)
Lewis Post office

Little Chieftain Newspaper
Jim Reavis has provided a large collection of information on Chief Joseph and several pages of the newspaper

Veterans Index
Links to the many veteran pages available on this site.


Birth 1958 Deaths Marriage Cemeteries
Surnames 1900 Census Obituaries Burial Index
Biographies Wallowa County Residents

Family Bibles

Beard Family Bible Berry Family Bible Huffman Family Bible
Huckabay . .

Family Genealogies

Balter Bishop Cussin
Gastin McClain Sturm
Surber Reavis .

Reader Contributed Information
The best part of any website!!
Just click on their name to see a list.  Each has their own index with the information they have contributed. There are
some great stories as well as family information.

Jim Reavis Janine M. Bork Jim Stanley Carole Lange
Orvetta Harmon Terrence Day Wallowa County Chieftain
Huffman Family Mona Pomraning Duane and Ruby Simonson McNeill
Kathryn Sterk Mary Burrows Womack Family Enterprise Photos
Kit Timmons A. L. Duckett Harold Balter Carla V. Leighton
Woods Family Jaensch Family Hammack Family  

Illustrated History of Union and Wallowa Counties, Oregon
These biographies were typed by
Janine from the book.

Visit Baker County, Union County,  neighbors to Wallowa County

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