Umatilla County Cemeteries


 I hope in time to have all cemeteries in Umatilla County online. Cemeteries can provide valuable information for the researcher. I have tried to provide links to all the Umatilla County Cemeteries that are presently online.

A is less than 25; B 25-100; C 100-500; D 500-2000; E is more than 2000 interments

Echo Cemetery Photos, a great offer from one of our readers

Albee Cemetery
A modest site [B] two miles west of Albee in a damp area surrounded by small stand of timber and is fenced.

Athena Cemetery Index (hosted at
Founded 1873 (Cemetery extraction 1988) Cemetery Map
Fully tended [C] cemetery located ½ mile northwest of the town of Athena, Township 4N Range 34E Section 24. Latitude 454908N Longitude 1183011W Adams, Oregon. Athena Cemetery Photos

Ballou Cemetery Photos (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)

Basket Mountain Cemetery—1870’s
Fully tended [B] cemetery located 15 miles east of Weston and 3 miles north of the
Elgin-Weston Hwy. Township 4N Range 36E Section 18.

Baumgardner Cemetery—1868
Family burial site [A] located about two miles northwest of Echo. Latitude 454545N Longitude 1191400W Stanfield, Oregon

Blue Mountain Cemetery (aka Kees) Founded 1875, 
The Kees Cemetery for which the correct name is Blue Mountain Cemetery and was referred to as such for about 15 to 20 years according to obituaries is no longer overgrown. One acre; Location is one mile west and a half mile south of west off Hwy. 11. aka Kees (Blue Mt) Township 4N Range 35E Section 28. Latitude 454750N Longitude 1182639W Athena, Oregon.

Bowlus Cemetery—1873 Main Gate
Five acres [B]; abandoned to nature. East of Milton-Freewater on road out of Spofford, approx. 8 mi south of Walla Walla, WA. Latitude 455610N Longitude 1181759W Bowlus Hill, Oregon Cemetery Photos

Bowman Cemetery
Family burial site at Pilot Rock.

Darr Cemetery—1888 (hosted at Interment)
Small [A], overgrown family grave site. Located on Potts Canyon Road which runs from Hwy. 395 to Gurdane. Latitude 452030N Longitude 1190035W Gurdane, Oregon

Desert Lawn Cemetery Photos, Irrigon, Umatilla County, Oregon (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)

De-Spain Gulch Cemetery—1886
Small site [A] abandoned to nature. The site is along the De-Spain Gulch Road northwest of Pendleton, 4.5 miles west of Hwy. 395 and 4 mi north of Hwy. 30. Holdman, OR. Latitude 454540N Longitude 1185445W Holdman, Oregon

Echo Cemetery Funeral Cards, Late 1800's to 2004

Echo Cemetery (aka IOOF Cemetery)—1868
Surnames A-J, K-O, P-Z,
Nearly 5 acres [C]. Operated by the City of Echo. Located northwest of town.
Address: Echo City Hall, 20 S. Bonanza, Echo, Oregon 97826. Phone: (541)376-8411 For a digital photo, click here

Finland Cemetery Tombstone Photos
Latitude 454700N Longitude 1183946W Helix, Oregon

Ford Cemetery; a.k.a. Ballou) Valley (a.k.a. Old Ford—1864
Over gown site [B] located on hill about 3 miles north of Milton Freewater on Ballou Road. Latitude 455913N Longitude 1182433W Milton-Freewater, Oregon

Foster-Pioneer Cemetery (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)—1862
One acre [B]; abandoned to nature. One mile south of Stanfield on east side of Umatilla River, 500 yd north of Hwy. 30 bridge. Township 3N Range 29E Section 5. Latitude 454602N Longitude 1191241W Stanfield, Oregon

Gallaher Cemetery (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)—1878
Small family burial site; destroyed by tillage. The site is located within Helix Cemetery District, 3.5 miles northeast of Adams.

German Lutheran Cemetery
Moderately tended site operated by Helix Cemetery Dist.; located out of Myrick. Latitude 454730N Longitude 1184245W Helix, Oregon

Gilliland see Sturdivant.

Greasewood Finnish Cemetery
Moderately tended site [A]. Operated by Helix Cemetery District, it is a half mi north Finnish Church in Helix. Township 4N Range 33 Section 35. Latitude 454725N Longitude 1183824W Helix, Oregon

Gurdane Cemetery (hosted at Interment)
South of Pilot Rock on Highway 395, turn onto the Gurdane road and go west about 9 miles on the dirt road.

Hanna Cemetery—1880
Small family burial site [A]; The Hanna Cemetery Stones have been located and a small fence has been erected with a sign. It is located between Athena and Helix. From Athena head west until you cross Greasewood Creek. Turn left at next intersection - Hales Road. Go south about a mile or so. It is on ground farmed by Bobby Johns and it was his wife Debra who spearheaded the work day last fall. They had located a couple pieces of the stones and we found the rest that day. At one time it was thought the cemetery was destroyed by tillage, and the stones discarded. Site is 1.5 mi from the Gallaher family burial site—between Helix and Adams. Hanna family—Gerking Ranch: Township 4 Range 34E Section 30

Helix Cemetery—1874 (hosted at Interment)
Fully tended [B]. Operated by Helix Cemetery Dist.; located one half mile south of town. Township 4N Range 33E Section 11. Latitude 455032N Longitude 1183906W Helix, Oregon

Heppner Cemetery,
No information Heppner Oregon. Phone #(541)676-9403

Hermiston Cemetery,
It is a District with a set of elected officials. Operated by the City of Hermiston. Address: City Hall, 180 N.E. 2nd., Hermiston, OR 97838. Phone #:(541)567-5521. Latitude 454925N Longitude 1191650W Hermiston, Oregon

Holdman Cemetery—1905 (hosted at Interment)
Site [A] operated by Helix Cemetery. Dist. Located just west of Holdman area on Hwy. 395 on top of bluff. Holdman, OR. Township 5N Range 31E Section 11. Latitude 455228N Longitude 1185640W Holdman, Oregon.

Homly—Homeli Cemetery1891
Overgrown site of 1.25 acres. To reach site, cross Umatilla River at Cayuse and proceed north two miles from gravel pit—go east about one mile, then turn south toward river. Cayuse, OR. Latitude 454108N Longitude 1183109W Cayuse, Oregon

Hyatt Cemetery—1891 (hosted at Interment)
Family burial site [A] that is located in a pine grove 9 miles from Weston Mountain, OR. Latitude 454810N Longitude 1181735W Weston Mountain, Oregon

Indian Agency Cemetery—1865
One acre site, overgrown. Location is at Indian Agency, five miles east of Pendleton on Hwy. 30, Mission, OR. Latitude 453950N Longitude 1184007W

James Cemetery— 1888
Single grave located near Helix

Kees or Keys see Blue Mountain

Koontz Cemetery—1852
Single grave located in grain field at eastern outskirts of Echo.

McKay Creek Cemetery see Unnamed—1925 (McKay Creek Cemetery)
Small [A] graveyard of less than one half acre; overgrown. At southwest end of McKay Reservoir about 6 miles south of Pendleton, east of Hwy. 395. Latitude 453439N Longitude 1184655W McKay Reservoir, Oregon. un

Meacham Cemetery (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)
Small site [A]; The Meacham Cemetery has been cleaned up and fenced. Sadly, there are no original stones but markers have been placed around the site. Along Hwy. 30 between Pendleton and La Grande near summit of Blue Mts. Latitude 453015N Longitude 1182525W Meacham, Oregon.

Milton-Freewater IOOF Cemetery—1878
(hosted at USGenWeb Archives)
Fully tended cemetery [D, E] operated by Milton-Freewater Cemetery District #3. Located on hill above town of Milton-Freewater, half mile from intersection of Hwy. 11 and S.E. 9th St. Milton-Freewater, OR. Address: Milton-Freewater Cemetery Dist. #3, Cemetery Road, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862. Phone #(541)938-5224. Cemetery Photos

Milton-Freewater (aka Old Pioneer Cemetery)—1878
Smaller grave yard [B]; overgrown. Located one mile from Milton-Freewater beyond water reservoir on a hill behind City Hall.

Mountain Valley Cemetery- (aka Gurdane) 1888
Small [A], overgrown site. Located one mile west of Gurdane on hill to left. Latitude 451608N Longitude 1190649W Gurdane, Oregon

Mountain View Cemetery --1864 or 1865
(This Cemetery is located in Walla Walla, WA but many Oregon residents are buried there.) Large [E]: over 35,000 burials. Fully tended cemetery. Address: 2120 S. 2nd Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362. Phone #: (509)527-4485

New City Cemetery -
Umatilla, Oregon. Latitude 455428N Longitude 1192103W Umatilla, Oregon.

Nolin Cemetery—1869
Moderately tended [B]; operated by Echo Cemetery District. Located 13 miles west of Pendleton on Old Hwy. 30 on left side of road. Ogle Family graveyard out of Pilot Rock. Latitude 454100N Longitude 1190610W Nolin, Oregon

Old Agency (Indian) Cemetery—1898
About two acres [A]; overgrown. Located 3.5 mi east of Pendleton on Old Hwy. 30. Latitude 454004N Longitude 1184156W Mission, Oregon.

Old City Cemetery:
Latitude 455526N Longitude 1182329W Milton-Freewater, Oregon. This cemetery was listed by the USGS Umatilla County, Oregon --Cemetery dated 9/12/98. As of 10-30-99 I will be trying to find out more about this cemetery and possible burials there. This is most likely Milton-Freewater IOOF Cemetery.

Olney Cemetery- Pendleton City—1871 Cemetery Photos additional Cemetery Photos
Fully tended [E]. Site is in Pendleton off Hwy. 395, to right of road at SW 23rd Street. Pendleton, OR. Latitude 453932N Longitude 1184811W Pendleton, Oregon. Address: Olney Cemetery, 865 Tutuilla Road, Pendleton, Oregon 97801. Phone #(541)276-8100.

Old Pioneer Cemetery see Milton-Freewater--1878

Pilot Rock Cemetery—1865
This is a full tended cemetery [C] on East Birch Creek road about 1 mile from Pilot Rock. Township 1S Range 32E Section 20. Latitude 452803N Longitude 1185019W Pilot Rock, Oregon.

Pioneer Park Cemetery (a.k.a. Pendleton Cemetery)
2.5 acres [A] on north bank of Umatilla River, near NW 14th and NW Despain Ave. Pendleton, OR

Patterson Cemetery—1884 (hosted at Interment)
Grave site on left side of road as you go into Gurdane from Hwy. 395 . Gurdane, OR Latitude 451610N Longitude 1190610W Gurdane, Oregon.

Pleasant View Cemetery—1915
10 acres [C]; fully tended. Operated by City of Stanfield, the site is about two miles from town on south Edwards Road. Stanfield, OR. Latitude 454740N Longitude 1191208W Stanfield, Oregon. City of Stanfield Cemetery, % City Hall, 155 W. Coe, Stanfield, Oregon 97875. Phone #(541)449-3831

Red Elk (Indian) Cemetery--See: Thorn Hollow- —1901

St. Andrews (Indian Cemetery)—1847 aka Saint Andrews Mission
One acre [B] east of Old Hwy. 30 about 12 miles east of Pendleton. Latitude 453807N Longitude 1183727W Cayuse, Oregon.

Skyview Cemetery--1960
Located 5 miles south of Pendleton on Hwy. 95. Skyview Memorial Park, 70116 Hwy. #395 S., Pendleton, Oregon 97801. Phone #(541)278-0741

Soldiers Graves—1847
Small burial site across river from Echo.

Sturdivant Cemetery-- (aka Gilliland)—1888 (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)
Small burial site, abandoned to nature. Location is off Hwy. 395 South, north of the Ukiah Junction and west of the Hwy. Township 5 South range 31 E. On the estate of Pete French (1994) Ukiah, OR. Latitude 451010N Longitude 1185755W Ukiah, Oregon. aka (USGS) Studevant Latitude 451008N Longitude 1185755W. Ukiah, Oregon.

Skyview Memorial Park
Fully tended cemetery 9 mi out of Pendleton on Hwy. 395 Latitude 453930N Longitude 1184803W.

Sunset Cemetery (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)
On South Hill in Umatilla, From freeway take Hwy 730 west through Umatilla to Power Line Rd.  Follow Grant Street to the end of the road, past the Church of Ladder Day Saints. Cemetery Photos

Tutuilla Presbyterian Indian Mission Cemetery—1885
Overgrown site [A], directly behind church between McKay Dam and Blue Mts—6 mi south of Hwy. 30. Mission, OR. Latitude 453747N Longitude 1184255W Mission, Oregon.

Thorn Hollow-Red Elk (Indian) Cemetery—1901
Just over one acre in size [ A], this site is 18 miles east of Pendleton, about a mile east of the town of Gibbon, on the south side of Umatilla river on high bluff. Thorn Hollow, OR. Latitude 454047N Longitude 1182555W Thorn Hollow, Oregon.

Tribble Cemetery—1881
Family burial plot that has been abandoned to nature and lost entirely.

Ukiah Cemetery—1891
Over gown site [A]. Two miles north of Ukiah on gravel road beyond Ranger Station. Records are kept by the City of Ukiah, Oregon. Latitude 450831N Longitude 1185550W Ukiah, Oregon.

Umatilla Cemetery—1866
Two acres maintained by City of Umatilla [B]. Located at west edge of city at corner of A St. and Hwy. 30 near Umatilla River Bridge, on hill above town. Umatilla, OR. Latitude 455500N Longitude 1192055W Umatilla, Oregon.

Unknown Cemetery—1878
Grave is about 10 miles from Heppner-Echo Jct., atop hill.

Unknown Cemetery
Grave site ¾ mile south and a half mile east of Weston.

Unnamed Cemetery—1925 (McKay Creek Cemetery)
Small [A] graveyard of less than one half acre; overgrown. At southwest end of McKay Reservoir about 6 miles south of Pendleton, east of Hwy. 395. Latitude 453439N Longitude 1184655W McKay Reservoir, Oregon.

Valley Cemetery (a.k.a. Old Ford; a.k.a. Ballow)—1864 See Ford:
Many Cemetery Photos Over gown site [B] located on hill about 3 miles north of Milton Freewater on Ballou Road..

Vinson Cemetery—1869   (hosted at USGenWeb Archives)
Two acres [B] moderately tended. Site is at Vinson settlement, approx. 14 mi west of Pilot Rock. At the intersection of the Heppner- Butter Creek Highway—along Franklin Hill Rd. Vinson, OR Township 1S Range 30E Section 31.

Warner Cemetery—1891
Family burial site [A] located approx. 11 miles from Pilot Rock; going south turn left at first junction. Latitude 452155N Longitude 1185214W , Granite Meadows, OR

Weston Cemetery—1871
Fully maintained cemetery [C]. Located one half mile west of town on hill. Athena, OR
Township 4N Range 35E Section 22. Latitude 454904N Longitude 1182450W Athena, Oregon

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