Umatilla County Officers 1863-1882, Umatilla County, Oregon


Umatilla County Officers in 1863

County Judge. J. W. Johnson.
County Commissioners, Thomas K. McCoy and S. Hamilton
County Clerk, D. A. Richards
Sheriff, Alfred Marshall
Treasurer, Welcome Mitchell
Assessor, Marshall B. Burk
Surveyor, Charles W. Shively
Coroner, Dr. John Peel
Supt. of Schools, John McCaine

County Election, June 6, 1864

County Judge, R. B. Morford
County Commissioners, Nineveh Ford and William Mitchell
County Clerk, R. H. Baskett
Sheriff, Frank Maddock
Treasurer, J. H. Muse
Surveyor, E. A. Wilson
Assessor, W. More
Coroner, John Teel
Supt. of Schools, S. B. Story
Vote for Representative in Congress-Democratic, 396 ; Union, 352

County Election, June 4, 1866

County Commissioners, William Mitchell and Lewis Benge.
County Clerk, R. H. Baskett
Sheriff, Frank Maddock
Treasurer, Thomas Flitcroft
Assessor, S. P. Whitley
Coroner, Richard Harrison1
Vote for Governor-Democratic 517; Republican 270

County Election June 1, 1868

County Judge, G. W. Bailey
County Commissioners, Henry K. Schooling and O. F. Clark
County Clerk, James M. Moore
Sheriff, O. F. Thomson
Treasurer, H. C. Paige
Assessor, William M. Carter
Supt. of Schools, A. W. Sweeney4
Coroner, John Teel
Surveyor, J. H. Sharon5
Total vote for Representative in Congress;-Democratic, 493; Republican, 2316

County Election June 6, 1870

County Commissioners, Charles L. Jewell and Elijah Ingle
County Clerk, J. M. Moore
Sheriff, O. F. Thomson
Treasurer, H. C. Paige
Assessor,  James Lawrence7
Surveyor, William Thompson8
Supt. of Schools, James O. Shinn9
Vote for Governor-Democratic, 509 ; Republican, 252.

County Election June 3, 1872

County Judge,H. G. Yoakum.
County Commissioners,H. C. Myers and J. L. Stubblefield.
County Clerk,F. M. Crockett.
Sheriff, A. W. Nye.
Treasurer,William H. Marshall.
Assessor,William Mitchell.
Surveyor,J. H. Sharon10
Coroner,M. B. Morris.
Supt. of Schools,John W. Ingle.
Vote for Representative: Democratic, 556 ; Republican, 383.

County Election, June 1, 1874

County Commissioners,Henry Bowman and J. L. Rogers.
County Clerk,F. M. Crockett11
Sheriff,J. A. Pruett.
Treasurer,Lot Livermore.
Surveyor, J. H. Sharon
Coroner,H. C. Stewart.
Supt. of Schools,L. H. Lee.
Vote for Governor: Democratic, 500 Republican, 134 ; Independent, 425.

County Election, June 5, 1876

Representative. J. L. Morrow Dem
Representative. W. S. Goodman Dem
County Judge. H. G. Yoakum Dem
Co. Commissioner. S. G. Lightfoot
Co. Commissioner. B. Waldron
County Clerk. J. H. Sharon
Sheriff. R. Sargent
Treasurer. G. W. Webb
Assessor. Thomas Benson
Surveyor. J. S. Maloney
Coroner. William Dickerson
Supt of Schools, J. C. Arnold12
Vote for Representative: Democratic, 738 ; Republican, 503. 2 956

County Election, June 4, 1878

Senator, S. M. Pennington, Dem
Representative, L. Evarts, Dem
Representative, J. S. White, Dem
Co. Commissioner, Benjamin Waldron, Dem
Co. Commissioner, J. B. Benson, Dem
County Clerk, J. B. Keeney, Dem
Sheriff, J. L. Sperry, Dem
Treasurer, G. W. Webb
Assessor, James Cothrell
Surveyor, J. H. Rally, Dem
Coroner, J. B. Lindsey, Dem
Supt. of Schools, J. C. Arnold, Dem
Vote for Governor ; Democratic, 972 ; Republican, 641. For Representative : Democratic, 985; Republican, 631; Independent, 11.

County Election, June 7, 1880

Representative, P. J. Kelley, Dem
Representative, J. Q. Wilson, Rep.
County Judge, W. C. LeDow, Dem
Co. Commissioner, J. A. Hungate, Dem
Co. Commissioner, William Penland, Rep13
County Clerk, J. B. Keeney, Dem
Sheriff, William Martin, Rep
Treasurer, Hendryx ,Rep
Assessor, B F. McElroy, Rep
Surveyor, J. H. Rally, Dem
Coroner, J. B. Linsey, Dem
Supt. of Schools, J. C. Arnold
Vote for Representative : Democratic, 1133 ; Republican., 985

County Election, June 6, 1882

Senator, S. M. Pennington, Dem
Representative, Ben Stanton, Rep
Representative, J. B. Sperry, Dem.
Co Commissioner, R. M. Dorothy, Dem
Co. Commissioner, J. W. Salisbury, Dem
County Clerk, J. P. Bushee, Rep
Sheriff, William Martin, Rep
Treasurer, N. Hendryz, Rep
Assessor, Julius Keithly, Dem
Surveyor, A. L. Coffee, Dem
Coroner William, C McKay, Rep
Vote for Governor-Democratic, 1526 ; Republican, 1262. Vote for Representative-Democratic, 1476 ; Republican, 1314.

1. Appointed in September, 1866, because the Coroner-elect had failed to qualify.
For Representative in Congress: Democratic, 503; Republican, 279.
3. Resigned in April, 1869; J. W. Northrup appointed in July, 1869.
4. Removed from county; Lewis Benge appointed in July, 1869; did not qualify; A. J. Sturtevant appointed in September, 1869.
5. Appointed in January, 1870, to fill vacancy.
6. Vote for President in November: Democratic, 527; Republican 313.
7. Resigned in April, 1872 ; William Mitchell appointed,
8. Appointed in October, 1870, because the man elected failed to qualify.
9. Removed from county. J. H. Turner appointed in July, 1871 ; Turner also removed from county and Lucien Everts was appointed in May, 1872.
For Representative: Democratic, 504 ; Republican, 257.
10. Appointed in September, 1872, to fill vacancy.
Presidential vote in November : Democratic and Liberal, 389 ; Republican, 380 ; Democratic, 42.
Representative in 1873: Democratic, 390 ; Republican, 106.
11. Crockett resigned in March, 1875. J. H. Sharon appointed County Clerk, and T. L. Morehouse Surveyor.
Representative : Democratic, 494 ; Republican, 158 ; Independent, 886.
12. Did not qualify ; J. H. Turner appointed in September, 1876; resigned in January, 1877, and Arnold appointed.
Representative vote in October, 1875: Democratic, 463 ; Republican, 263; scattering, 18.
Presidentia vote in November, 1876 ; Democratic. 742 ; Republican, 486.
13. John McDonald became commissioner in September, 1881.
For President in November : Democratic. 1535 ; Republican, 1250 ; Greenback, 2.

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