Edward Stephan Balter and Elizabeth Louise Robinson

 Edward Stephan Balter

July 20,1884 : Edward Balter 28 to Elizabeth Robinson 19 : The Rev.  J. W. Kinney
From Newspaper clipping belonging to Lawrence Stephan Balter and now in the Balter family archives.

Batch No. 8835603   Sheet : 81
Source : 1553312      Type : Film

Age: 9
Country of Origin : Germany
Arrival Date : October 05,1863
Final Destination : Indiana
Port of Embarkation : Marseilles
Ships Name: Prinz Albert
Occupation : Son
Gender : Male
Captains name  : H. Platz
Purpose for travel : Staying in the USA
Mode of Travel : Steerage
Manifest ID Number : 00010161

 Edward and Elizabeth Balter had five children, Alice, Olive, Blanche, Clarence and Lawrence.  They lived near Benton, Kansas for a few years and then sold out and moved to Union, Oregon  in 1886 they lived there for 5 years , moving from there to Joseph, Oregon where they homesteaded several miles North of Joseph , they stayed in this area for three years. Then they moved back to Kansas and bought a farm not far from Chelsea, Kansas.  

Elizabeth Robinson Balter

Obituary Of  Elizabeth Louise Robinson

Born November 10,1864 at Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Her parents moved to Lamont, Illinois when she was just a small child and lived there until she was 6 years old when they moved in a covered wagon to Kansas.

Her Father homesteaded 160 acres of land one and a half  Miles South of Brainerd, Kansas where she lived until she was married August 27,1884 to Edward Balter. They lived for two years on a farm North of Benton, Kansas but sold out and moved to Joseph, Oregon  where they lived 8 years.

Then went back to Kansas, but traded and got a farm in Oklahoma, lived there 4 years but the drought run them out so they went to Tom Ball , Texas where they lived several years but her husbands health began to fail so they went back to Kansas where he died March 3rd,1919 they had 5 children three girls and 2 boys which are married and have family's. She has 19 Grand children and 4 Great Grand children, two brothers and 1 sister living 3 sisters dead.

Elizabeth Louise Robinson
Edward Stephan Balter
Film Number : 2034476

The Potwin Ledger: Potwin, Butler County, Kansas August 23,1934 Vol. 19 No. 35

Mrs E. L. Balter writes

 A card received at this office Wednesday morning, from Mrs. E. L. Balter, of Caldwell, Idaho, insisted she had removed to route three Caldwell.

  Mrs. Balter said fruit and grain crops were good there and that everyone was busy canning peaches now, and stated peaches are 75 c and $1.25 per bushel and are nice large ones.

  Mrs. Balter also sent her best regards to all her Potwin friends.

Contributed by  Harold Balter
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