Notes on Stephan Boelter

The Prussian Kingdom
Passport for the Foreign Countries from Hamburg
To New York in North America

For Workman
Passport Holders Identities                                Stephan Boelter - 40 Years old
Birthplace: New Dombie                                    His Wife: Anna - 41 years old
Residence: Bromberg                                         Maiden name: Lueske  and four children
Date of Birth: 05/27/1823
Height: 5'10 1/2"
Hair Color: Blond                                                Julius - 12 1/2 years old
Eye Brows: Blond                                                Edward - 9 years old
Eyes - Blue                                                          Auguste - 8 years old
Nose - Mouth: Average                                        Emil - 6 yeardds old
Beard: Brown
Face: Oval                                                            Reason for Travel: Visit Relatives
Statue: Middle
Special Marks: None                                            Length of Passport: One Year

All Civil and Military personnel are asked to give the above named protection and to have them travel wherever they wish.
Ordered: City of Bromberg: July 23, 1863

(Note: (Reinhold Emil was 6 years old - there was no son named Emil)

The following is from a letter written by one of Harold A. Balter's Aunts. The letter was not signed. Stephan was married three times. The last time he advertised for his wife. He lived in La Porte, Indiana many years. He married Fannie Bird whom Phillipsbornes of Chicago had raised. They moved to Chicago, then he lost his job as a cabinet maker and then they moved to Brainerd, Kansas. Stephan and Franny are buried in Brainerd Cemetery - where Edward is also buried.

**The person who wrote this letter was mistaken. Stephan Boelter's wife that was the mother of the children was Augustine MEYER. She died and is buried in Bromberg stadt, Posen, Preussen (Poland).

Germans to America
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Boelter, S. 40, Anna 41, Julius 12, Edward 9, August 8. Abord Prinz Albert. Arrived at New York. October 05, 1863 from Hamburg, destination Indiana.

Boelter Anna, August, Auguste C., Caroline, Edward, Julius S., Wilhelmine. There was o name of the ship or where it was coming from or where it landed.

Ships Manifest:

Age: 40
Country of Origin: Germany
Arrival Date: October 05, 1863
Final Destination: Indiana
Port of Embarkation: Marseilles
Ships Name: Prinz Albert
Occupation: Carpenter
Gender: Male
Captains Name: H. Platz
Purpose for travel: Staying in the USA
Mode of Travel: Steerage

City Directories
Chicago City Directories

New Year 1895 -
Stephan Boelter and Franziska (Vogel) Boelter were living at 1039 53rd Street S.W., Chicago, Ill. They were broke and hadn't worked for 1 1/2 years. Started into winter with 5 Bu. Potatoes and a crock of Sauerkraut. They owned the property but could not sell as the market was down.

1895 -  Stephan Boelter - Carpenter h. 1039 W. 53rd St.
1896  - Stephan Boelter - Cabinet Maker h. 1039 W. 53rd St.
1897 -  Stephan Boelter - Cabinet Maker h. 1039 W. 53rd St.
1898  - Stephan Boelter - b. 1039 W. 53rd St.

Marriage Dates

Bolter, Stephan  Fannie Vogel  Date of License: Sept 1, 1890. Date of Marriage: Sept 1, 1890


Whitewater Independent: September 21, 1916 page 8 column 4.
Mrs. Balter, who has been in Bethel Hospital at Newton for three weeks, is reported no better.

Whitewater Independent: September 28, 1916 Page 8 Column 4 under Brainerd

Mrs. Balter died at Bethel Hospital in Newton Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Balter was seventy-nine years old, and had lived alone twelve years, since the death of Mr. Balter. Funeral services were held in the church at this place, Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Gustav Harder.


We wish, thru the Independent to thank our kind friends for their timely help and attention during sickness and death of beloved wife and mother, Mrs. Fanny Balter.

Edward Balter and Family

Whitewater Independent: September 28, 1916 Page 4 column 6

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