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This information has been extracted and generously contributed to the Wallowa County GenWeb by:
Larry Rader, April 14,1999.

Summary extract from "Oregon Department of Transportation Survey" describing 22 sites in Wallowa County. The report issue date is Dec 15, 1978. It was assembled by Robert Gormsen and Irene Hammer of DOT.

Most entries include year the cemetery was established (an apparent reference to oldest existing grave stone marker), location of the site and general condition at the time of the survey.

Please note: These descriptions are more than 20 years old. The Township, Range and Section numbers are current.

For most sites, the size of the cemetery is provided and number of graves estimated:
A is less than 25;    B 25-100;   C 100-500;   D 500-2000;    E is more than 2000 interments.

Alder Slope

early 1870's
More than 3 acres [D]; moderately maintained. Located near Enterprise
Township: 2S     Range: 44     Section: 15


One acre. The site is 7.8 miles north-northwest of Troy via Bartlett Road.
Township: 6N     Range: 43E     Section: 21

Bramlet Memorial

To reach this site travel 1.5 miles north of Hwy 82 on Promise Road, then west 0.4 mile.
Township: 2N     Range: 42E     Section: 33

Chief Joseph Grave and Monument

Located off the highway at north end of Wallowa Lake.
Township: 3S     Range: 45E     Section: 5

Child's Grave

Single grave; moderately tended.
Off highway, near Wallowa
Township, Range and Section not shown


Less than a half acre [A]; overgrown.
10.5 miles southeast of Troy, the site is 800 ft southwest of county road.
Township: 5N     Range: 42E     Section: 31

Enterprise Cemetery

late 1880's
Fully tended cemetery of 15 acres [C].
Located at Enterprise
Township: 1S     Range: 44E     Section: 35


One acre [B].
Located ½ mile North of Flora
Township: 5N     Range: 44E     Section: 21


late 1870's
One acre [B]; overgrown.
Located at Imnaha.
Township: 1N     Range: 48E     Section: 21

Joseph (Private)

Private cemetery of five acres, moderately tended.
Southeast of Joseph.
Township: 3S     Range: 45E     Section: 10


late 1870's
About 2. acres [B]; overgrown.
Located at the outskirts of Joseph, 1 mile west of the highway.
Township: 2S     Range: 44E     Section: 36

Lost Prairie

early 1880's
One acre [B]; moderately tended.
Located 6,4 mi northwest of Flora via Lost Prairie Rd.
Township: 6N     Range: 44     Section: 31


Located 1.3 mile north of Hwy 82 at Lostine on Jim Town Rd., then west 0.3 mile.
Township: 1S     Range: 43E     Section: 3

Lower Valley (a.k.a. Branded)

1.5 acre [B]; fully tended.
Near Wallowa.
Township: 4N     Range: 42E     Section: 11


late 1870's
Small private site, below Imnaha
Township: 2S     Range: 48E     Section: 2


Private cemetery one mile north of Lostine
this may be same as Lostine Cemetery
Township: 1S     Range: 43E     Section: 3


On south side of Lost Prairie Road 3 miles northwest of Flora.
Township: 5N     Range: 44E     Section: 7


One acre [B] moderately tended.
Leave Hwy 3 at Flora junction proceed 5 miles north on Paradise-Kuhn Rd. Cemetery is 700 feet off road on right.
Township: 6N     Range: 45E     Section: 31


Less than a quarter-acre [B]; moderately tended.
Located at Promise, 20 miles north of Hwy 82 on Prombe Rd.
Township: 4N     Range: 42E     Section: 11

Prairie Creek

late 1870's
13 acres [C]; fully tended.
Located 2.1 miles east of Joseph on Sheep Creek Hwy, then south 1 mile.
Township: 2S     Range: 45E     Section: 34

Stubblefield Baby

Single child's grave; abandoned to nature.
Near the Stubblefield fork of Corral Creek Road.
Township: 3N     Range: 48E     Section: 26

Wallowa Cemetery

Three acres [C] fully tended.
East of Wallowa; 1.2 miles east of Hwy 82 on Troy Rd.
Township: 1N     Range: 42E/43E     Section: 13/18

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