A-B Marriages, Wallowa County, Oregon

Clark AMEY-25th  Anniversary

Lawrence ANDREY / Alta LAMBERT

Lawrence AUTRAY / Alta LAMBERT



William C. BLAIR / Jessie Caldwell WATSON

Ivan BORK and Leola SURBER 60th Anniversary

Rudolph Albert BORK-60th  Anniversary

Rudolph Guss BORK and Rena Belle MILER Wedding Picture

William BORK/Stella LINDLEY

Earl BOTTS / Blanche FORBES

Reed BOX/Ruth DEAN

Charles BRIDWELL / Carrie VAN PELT






 Wedded Twenty-Five Years
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Amey

Mr. And Mrs. Clark Amey of this city celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage
Friday, December 6th. Out of town guests were Mr. And Mrs. Ward Fowler of La Grande
and Mrs. Gregory and Jack Jr., of Wallowa. Mr. And Mrs. Fowler remained in the city
until Monday.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday December 12, 1918

Lambert - Antrey

Alta Lambert was married Monday noon, Dec. 27, 1920, to Lawrence Andrey,
who came from Washington to claim his bride, Rev. Cullison performed the ceremony.

(The groom is listed with both surnames - If you know which is right, Please let me know. - Janine)

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Front Page  Thursday
December 30, 1920

 Lawrence Autray / Alta Lambert

Monday noon at the M.E. parsonage occurred the marriage of Miss Alta Lambert,
daughter of Mrs. Mary Lambert of Enterprise, and Mr. Lawrence Autray of
Hanson Ferry, Washington. They were attended by Mr. Frank Moulton and Miss Kennedy.
Their home will be at Hanson Ferry for which place they left Monday afternoon.

Wallowa County Reporter
December 30, 1920


A quiet wedding ceremony was performed last Thursday evening at La Grande at 6:30
when the Rev. Smith of the Presbyterian church, United in marriage, Miss Freda Becker
and Mr. Reed Smith, both of this city. Following the ceremony the young couple left for a
short trip into Washington returning to Enterprise Wednesday noon. They will go to
housekeeping at once in the Burnaugh apartments. Both young people are well known in the
city and have a great many friends who unite with the Reporter in extending good wishes.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday September 4, 1919

 Have Quiet Wedding In Their New Home

A wedding of much interest because of the prominence of the contracting parties,
who have long been residents of Enterprise was the marriage of Mrs. Jennie M. Cunningham
and L. Berland which was solemnized at the home which Mr. Berland had recently purchased
in the northeast part of the city, at 6:30 Saturday evening, March 14, 1925. The marriage
service was pronounced by Rev. Francis L. Bouquet in the presence of a small company
which included Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Ogan and two sons, Mrs. Ed Berland and
two sons and Mrs. Bouquet.

After the ceremony delicious refreshments were served. At about 10 o'clock as the
guests were leaving a party of about thirty-five business men of the town who had spent the
evening at Masonic and Oddfellows lodges and learned of the wedding went to offer their
good wishes. Several speeches were made and Mr. Berland treated to cigars, and outside
the house all joined in a son. Tuesday night a party of Pythian Sisters serenaded the couple,
Mrs. Berland being a member of that organization.

L. Berland is a pioneer merchant of Enterprise, having for many years conducted a harness
and saddle store here, before the days of automobiles. For a number of years he has been
at the head of the grocery firm of L. Berland & Co. of Enterprise.

Mr. and Mrs. Berland have the hearty good wishes of their hosts of friends.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Front page - Thursday
March 19, 1925

  William C. Blair / Jessie Watson

A pretty little wedding took place at Dr. Taylor's Sanitarium Monday evening at eight o'clock,
when Miss Jessie Watson, of Frankfort, Ky., a niece of Dr. Taylor's was wedded to
Mr. William C. Blair, of Kansas City. Rev. Mr. Cullison performing the ceremony. The
bridal party will leave on today's train for coast points before returning east.

Wallowa County Reporter
December 30, 1920

Watson - Blair.

Jessie Caldwell Watson, a niece of Dr. S.D. Taylor, was married Monday evening,
Dec. 27, 1920, to William E. Blair of Missouri. He came west for the wedding and took
his bride back with him. The ceremony was performed at Dr. Taylor's hospital by Rev. Cullison.

Enterprise Record Chieftain
Front Page  Thursday
December 30, 1920

   Clarence L. Booth / Mary Wyatt

Clarence L. Booth, the popular employee of the Enterprise House Furnishing Co., was
married to Miss Mary Wyatt at the bride's home in Amity, Oregon, on August 7th. The
happy young couple returned on Wednesday's train and will make their home in the north
part of town. They have the best wishes of a host of friends.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday August 16, 1917

Married 23 June 1940
Enterprise, Oregon

60th Anniversary

Ivan R. Bork (Son of Ira BORK and Lora MOYS) and Leola E. SURBER
(Daughter of Richard SURBER and Edith WILSON) celebrated their 60th Anniversary,
23 Jun 2000 in The Dalles, Oregon. They were married in Enterprise, Ore 23 Jun 1940, at the
home of the brides parents on Greenwood St. Jim MINTON (brother of the bride) and Alma
BORK (Sister to Groom) were their witnesses. Their children, Rosalie Harnden, Harry Bork,
Wayne Bork, and Darlena Salisbury helped celebrate with many friends and family members at
the First Church of God with the cake and a buffet lunch.

Ivan and Leola were married by the same pastor, in the same town as both their parents. Ira Bork
and Lora Moys married 13 June 1916, and Richard Surber and Edith Wilson married
18 Jun 1916 all in Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Oregon.

Richard and Edith celebrated their 50th Anniversary 18 Jun 1966 in Baker, Baker Co., Oregon
at their home on 2nd St. Most all family members helped, children, Vernon, Leola Bork,
Earl Surber, Vivian Wilson, Esther Bork, Ellwood, Lowell, and Rosemary LeSollen,
and many grandchildren and friends..

Donated by Rose Harnden


(My thanks to my Cuz - Rose Harnden for the pictures!)

60th Wedding Anniversary

Flora Couple Wed 60 Years.
R.A. Bork and Wife are Honored by Family and Friends.

The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Bork of Flora was the scene of a very happy gathering
Sunday, January 24, 1932, when all of their children gathered there as a surprise to help
them celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

Grandpa and Grandma, as they are known to all their friends, were married in Germany
Jan. 26, 1872 where they made their home until 1884 when they decided to come to America
with their family of four children. They boarded the ship at Hamburg and started on their journey to America. After one and one-half days it was found the ship was leaking and they must return to Hamburg for repairs. This did not discourage them.

After a five days wait they again boarded the same ship and began the journey a second time,
which lasted 21 days. All this time they did not see anything but sky and water, the waves rolling completely over the ship at times. A number of the passengers were very ill. Two deaths occurred and the bodies were buried in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

They arrived in New York after a very tiresome journey and hurried on to their new home at
West Side Iowa where they remained for seven years. They had a longing to try a new country
and again they started out with their family of seven children and the west was their destination.
Leaving west Side by train they came to LaGrande and from there on to their present home
at Flora by team and wagons, where they have made their home since the year 1891. They are
happy and contented, still living on the farm that they homesteaded.

All the children were home for the occasion. The dinner was brought in by them and was
a huge success. Mrs. Rena Bork brought the wedding cake. After the dinner everyone gathered in the sitting room and an hour or more was spent in singing hymns that everyone knew.  They were accompanied on the organ by Miss Bernice Conrad and the music was greatly enjoyed by all.

Thirty-three were present: Mrs. William Conrad and son Vernie of Joseph, Grandpa and
Grandma Bork, Mrs. C.F. Evans and daughters Hazel and Stella and son Arley, William Bork,
Fred Bork, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Bork and two sons Marvin and Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Bork and children, Ivan, Alma, Everett Raymond and little daughter Fay, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Evans and two children, Billie and Wilda Irene, Miss Bernice Conrad and sister Loralene, Mrs. Amos Evans and three children, Rodney, Melvand Lawrence, Ralph Lindley, all of Flora; Mr. Foster of Camp 10, and Mrs. Lillie Evans and son Leo of Enterprise. On account of chores and bad roads some of the relatives were unable to attend. All returned to their homes the same evening after wishing Grandpa and Grandma many, many returns of the day-One who was there.

Rudolph Guss Bork and Rena Belle Miller

Rudolph Guss Bork and Rena Belle Miller
Day of Marriage - October 17, 1909

(Sent by Rose Harnden)

 William Bork / Stella Lindley

We did not learn of the marriage of William Bork and Miss Stella Lindley of this locality,
in the city of Enterprise on the 11th in time to report it in due time, but we heartily wish these
popular young people well. They will reside on the bridegroom's farm on Mud Creek.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday May 22, 1919

 Earl Botts / Blanche Forbes

Earl Botts and Miss Blanche Forbes were united in marriage on Friday, Feby, 14th, 1919,
at the City Hotel by Rev. Sibley. These young people belong at Flora and will make their
home on a farm near that place.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday February 20, 1919

 Reed Box / Ruth Dean

Mr. Reed Box of Enterprise, and Miss Ruth Dean of Frederick, Okla.
at Baker, Sept. 16, 1919.

The wedding came as a surprise to Mr. Box's friends in this city. They arrived
this noon to make their home in the city.

Mr. Box has been in the employ of the Southwestern Lumber Co. since he came here
the first of the year from Frederick, Okla.

The bride was a resident of the same city but has been visiting in Denver during the summer.

Wallowa County Recorder
Thursday September 18, 1919

 Charles Bridwell / Carrie Van Pelt

A quite (sic) wedding occurred at the home of Rev. Hughes Wednesday at 12 o'clock
when Miss Carrie Van Pelt and Chas. Bridwell, both of Lostine, were united in marriage
by Rev. Hughes. They left on the afternoon train for a short trip to outside points. These young
people are well known in the county, Miss Van Pelt being on (sic) of the county's successful
school teachers and Mr. Beidwell (sic) has been employed in the Lostine Flouring Mills for a
number of years. The best wishes of their many friends are extended.

News In and Around Lostine

Charles Bridewell and Miss Carrie Van Pelt were married July 3. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Bridewell left for La Grande and North Powder
where they will spend their honeymoon.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday July 10, 1918

Frank W. Brown / Minnie Willgerodt

Frank W. Brown and Miss Minnie Willgerodt were united in marriage at the brides' home in
this city on Tuesday, January 20th by Rev. Cullison. The groom is a young rancher and the bride
is a popular young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Willgerodt of this city. The many friends
of the young couple extend congratulations.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday, January 22, 1920

 Richard Bruce / Cassie Blackerby

Richard Bruce and Miss Cassie Blackerby were united in marriage at the home of the bride
at Silverton, Oregon, on September 30th. Both are well known in this city and had resided
at this place until a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Bruce has recently bought a home in Lewiston,
Idaho and will go into business with his brother, Frank in that town.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday October 9, 1919

 Ernest J. Brugger / Edna Gilbert

Justice Conoway on Tuesday morning performed the ceremony uniting in marriage, Ernest J.
Brugger of Gresham, Oregon, and Miss Edna Gilbert, who had been teaching on the Imnaha.
The young people left on the afternoon train for Portland.

Wallowa County Reporter
April 8, 1920

Thomas Bunnell / Josie Hamline

Thomas E. Bunnell and Miss Josie Hamline of Enterprise, were united in marriage
by A.B. Conaway, Tuesday evening.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday October 2, 1919

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