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Willtard CARPER / Lona E. TRUMP
Lawrence CAYINESS / Lillah P. THOMAS
Herbert CHENOWITH / Adeline KILLIN Marriage
George C. Clark / Nellie Courtright
Charles L. CLINE / Mary A. OFFERSON
Donald COLE / Martha W. FISHER
W.P. COLE Jr. / Lillian BERRY
Marion COVERDALE / Hattie BIRDSELL Marriage Certificate

 Carl E. Carlson / Annie I. Foster

Carl E. Carlson and Miss Annie I. Foster of O.K. Gulch were united in marriage
by Rev. Sibley this morning.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday December 19, 1918

Willtard Carper / Lona E. Trump

Willtard Carper and Miss Lona E. Trump, both of Promise, were united in marriage by
County Judge Edgar Marvin on Wednesday, June 9th. The Judge doesn't often pronounce the
marriage ceremony but when he does he ties them good and tight.

Wallowa County Reporter
June 10, 1920

Herbert Chenowith / Adeline Killin

Adeline Killin and Herbert Chenowith were united in marriage at Joseph on Wednesday
evening of last week by Rev. Cook. They will make their home on Alder Slope.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday May 29, 1919

George C. Clark / Nellie Courtright

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Johnson
request your presence at the marriage of
their neice, Nellie Courtright to
Mr. George C. Clark
Sunday evening, February eighteenth,
Nineteen Hundred
at their residence, Flora, Oregon
Ceremony 7 o'clock

This wedding announcement donated by: Mona Pomraning

 J.T. Clemens / Dorothy M. Wilson

J.T. Clemens and Mrs. Dorothy M. Wilson of Wallowa were united in
marriage last week by Justice McCrae of Wallowa.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday January 16, 1918

 Charles L. Cline / Mary A. Offerson

Mr. Charles L. Cline of Paradise and Mrs. Mary A. Offerson were united in marriage
by Justice A.B. Conoway on Feby. 13th, 1920.

Wallowa County Reporter
February 19, 1920

 Donald Cole / Martha W. Fisher

A quiet wedding occurred Sunday at one o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Cole
when their son, Donald Cole, was united in marriage to Martha W. Fisher. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. H.E. Cullison in the presence of immediate relatives. The young people will
be at home after April 15th in the Henderson place on South River street.

Wallowa County Reporter
April 8, 1920

 E.L. Cole / Elsie Stoop

Rev. Sibley united E.L. Cole and Miss Elsie Stoop in marriage, April 10th at
9 p.m. Both parties live at Joseph.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday April 17, 1919

James Allie Cook / Bessie Cole

James Allie Cook and Miss Bessie Cole both of Lostine, were united in marriage by Rev. Sibley
at the parsonage, Monday afternoon. They are very popular young people of Lostine and the groom
was wounded in active service in France.

Wallowa County Reporter
Thursday May 22, 1919

 Ray F. Cook / Elva Reva German

Ray F. Cook of Lostine and Miss Elva Reva German of Imbler were united in marriage on April 10th by Rev. Sibley.

Wallowa County Reporter Thursday April 17, 1919

 Arthur Courtney / Ada Mallory

Arthur Courtney and Miss Ada Mallory of Troy were united in marriage by Justice Conoway
at his office on January 6th, 1918.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday January 16, 1918

 Fred Courtney / Gladys Laverty Marriage

Fred Courtney and Gladys Laverty, both of the Lostine country were married by
Justice A.B. Conway, Friday afternoon.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday, December 12, 1917

The trial of Fred Courtney resulted in a verdict of guilty but the defendant was
paroled by Judge Knowles on his promise to marry the complaining witness
and care for the child.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday, December 12, 1917

Marion Coverdale / Hattie Birdsell

Court House in Enterprise.
Marriage Certificate
State of Oregon, County of Wallowa

This is to certify, that the undersigned, a Justice of the Peace by authority of a License bearing
date the 8th day of July A.D. 1895, and issued by the County Clerk of the County of Wallowa
did, on the 10th day of July A.D. 1895, at the house of A.H. Meek in the County and State
aforesaid, join in lawful wedlock Marion Coverdale of the County of Wallowa and the State
of Oregon, and Hattie Birdsell of the County of Wallowa and State of Oregon with their mutual
assent. Nathan Craven, Justice of the Peace. L.J. Rouse Clerk.

Donated by Pat Higley

Craig / Francis McKenzie

Miss Francis McKenzie surprised her many friends Saturday evening by getting
married to a Mr. Craig of Enterprise.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday June 5, 1918

Two Pioneer Families United By Wedding at Home of Bride's Parents at Lostine

A very pretty wedding took place last Saturday night at *30 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.L. MacKenzie of Lostine, when their youngest daughter, Frances, was married to Asa P. Craig, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Craig of this city. This unites two of the oldest families of Wallowa county, both the Craigs and the MacKenzies being early settlers.

The bride followed the custom which has been set for these war times, and had everything simple in taste, and this very simplicity made them the more charming. She wore a gown of dark silk, with georgette collar and cuffs, and black colonial pumps. The house was decorated with many large bowls of roses which had been sent by friends of the bride who knew of the coming event.

After the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. B.S. Hughe sof this city, very dainty refreshments were served the guests by two little nieces of the bride, Constance MacKenzie and Nita Willet of Wallowa. Music and song numbers were given by Miss Amy Olmsted.

Both young people are well known in this county, and are very popular among hosts of friends in both communities who will wish them much happiness, and they find a large circle happy to receive them to their home which will be on Mr. Craig's large farm southeast of town. Many beautiful and useful gifts of cut glass, silver, and linen were received by the bride. Enterprise Record Chieftain
Thursday, June 6, 1918

James Gail Crow / Iva Bonner Marriage

James Gail Crow and Miss Iva Bonner were married Sunday at 12 o'clock at the bride's home
and went to LaGrande on the afternoon train for a short stay. Mr. and Mrs. Crow will move to
the ranch near Joseph soon. We hope for these fine young people a happy career.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday, January 16, 1918

James Gail Crow and Miss Ina Violet Bonner, both of Lostine, were granted a marriage
license on January 12th, 1918.

Wallowa County Reporter
Wednesday January 16, 1918

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