Huntington District 16J, Baker County, Oregon

The second of the modern districts is that of Huntington, near Farewell Bend on the Snake River. (Please see section on cities.)

     Huntington (16J) was established in 1882 and became a key district of the Southeast section of the county and was based on transportation. Since it was the largest and most enduring of the communities of the Snake River- Burnt River area, Huntington became the collector district.

     The Huntington High School was organized in 1900 and has enjoyed success educationally, musically, and athletically. Its teams have set a record for winning in its class, with football championships each year from 1968 through 1971.

     Huntington has had some difficulty with fire, which destroyed two of its major school buildings.

     The first school building operated in 1884, but had only a spring and a fall term. Apparently just after the golden spike was driven to complete the railroad in 1884, the first high school was built. It was a two-story brick structure and was used until a fire destroyed it in the early 1930's.

     A second school was built on a new site (where the present school stands). But in January, 1949, that building burned. The water mains were frozen, so firemen were powerless to control the fire.

     The district maintains an elementary and a high school on a unified campus. The district is also included in the Treasure Valley Community College district.

     Districts which have joined Huntington include the following: Rye Valley (9) 1870, gold mining high in the mountains ME of Huntington; Home (23) 1873, in the Connor Creek mining district on the Snake River north of Huntington; Lime-Dixie (33) on Burnt River above Huntington; Birch Creek (67) west of Huntington; Morman Basin (72) about 20 miles in the mountains NW of Huntington. For details see Gold Dust and Chalk Dust. Ch. 9.

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