O Draft Registration, Malheur County, Oregon

The Complete War Registration List of Malheur County by Precincts as Recorded in the Malheur Enterprise ~ Saturday, June 16, 1917

Ontario No. 1 Precinct

Andrews, George Ellis
Andrews, Lawrence Julian
Conway, James Dennis
David, Emil W
Eldridge, Leon Elmer
Field, Carl A
Grady, Daniel A
Miller, Geo. LeRoy
Miller, Stanley Claude
Peterson, Harry Lee
Rutherford, Adrian Earl
Test, Owen Hancock

Ontario No. 2 Precinct

Adrian, Jesse B
Aker, Leslie Jefferson
Arnold, Arthur L
Barcus, Ernest H
Beam, Thomas M
Beamguard, William C
Bender, George A
Benson, William A
Bin, Ching
Bly, Thomas L
Brendel, George
Burril, Charles C
Carter, Charles M
Chambers, Verne W
Christiansen, Albert T
Clemo, Fred J
Cockrum, Harry B
Cockrum, Lee B
Confield, Fred W
Crawford, Charlie A
Crummett, Fred
Currey, Hiram M
Draper, Albert Jerome
Draper, John Ingersoll
Gilham, George A
Jones, Thomas G
King, Fong
Lackey, Fred George
Lackey, Herbert Elanson
Lee, John M
Lee, Samuel Newell
Macaffree, Hector W
Miller, Leonard M
Mongen, Robert W
Moore, Theodore H
Morrow, Harry A
Mousley, Grover C
Muck, Ralph W
Nelson, Robert
Orcutt, William C
Page, Arthur Ralph
Parsons, Ray
Redsull, George J
Redsull, Whitton A
Reihsen, George P
Rigakis, John
Rigakis, Rigas
Roberts, Bob
Rose, Chester Ward
Saites, George
Sandy, Ernest A
Schieber, Charley A
Selle, John Fred
Shimek, William V
Stenstrom, James W H
Stoner, DeLois J
Sunde, Olaf L
Swagler, Ralph W
Test, James H
Trow, Clinton F
Utz, Frank P
Walker, Burton F
Wolfe, Homer A
You, Fong Lin

Ontario No. 3 Precinct

Aguilar, Jesus
Analla, Pedro
Arnold, Ivan Franklin
Blackaby, Earl
Blackaby, Larue
Campbell, Paul W
Clement, Hugh Crawford
Creem, Samuel Louis
Davis, George Dewey
Defrees, Clarence Chesterfield
Hernandez, Jasinto
Hernandez, Joe L
Howe, Harry
Judd, Maurice Leroy
Lawrence, Thomas Cass
Leavitt, Walter
Lvells, Lyrene Burnett
Perkins, William Lowis
Peterson, Hans Peter
Platt, Don Earl
Rambo, Ray
Reed, Frank Sanford
Riddle, Arthur Fuller
Rodrigues, Isabel
Scutt, Robert Lorie
Smith, Gordon Leslie
Smith, Manuel
Smith, Roy Jay
Smith, Roy Milton
Spieler, Fred Albert
Staples, Joseph Gratz
Stewart, Frederick Lee
Thompson, Earl Edmund
Vincent, Doyle
Weigel, Gus
White, Ray Leon

Owyhee Precinct

Boyd, Robert Lee
Bussell, William Oscar
Duncan, Jearl Dallas
Grimes, Grief
Lowe, Julian
McGinnis, James Alvon
McEwen, William
McGinnis, Willie
Moses, Archie Day
Morgan, Frank Theodore
Moore, Joseph Leslie
Riley, William Ashton
Robertson, Artie
Schweizer, Charles Edward
Slippy, Henry Benett
Schweizer, George Earl
Smit, Adrianus Jacobus
Stam, Lint
Szymanowicz, Walter Stanley
Stam, Klaas
Schweizer, Otto Herbert
Scott, Henry Robert
Toombs, George Conrad
Vanderpool, John
Wallace, William Guy


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