Cove, Union County, Oregon

Coincidentally with the development of the city of Union another settlement was growing up at the foot of Mount Fannie on the eastern side of the valley. The name "Cove" was so appropriate to this sheltered mountain recess that probably no better name could have been chosen. As previously mentioned, the area was first known as "Forest Cove" which was changed because of the similarity to the name of Forest Grove in the Willamette Valley.
     The first settlers on the present site of Cove were Samuel Cowles his niece Fannie Cowles, and a nephew. They came from the mining town of Auburn in Baker County in December 1862 and set up their camp in a grove of fir trees which later became the site of Cove. During that first winter the bed of the wagon which they had used to come to the valley made a living room in the tent for Miss Cowles. Not long after her arrival, Miss Cowles was married to E. P. McDaniel. Mr. McDaniel and her uncle formed a partnership which continued for many years, and the two men engaged in stock raising, operating a flour mill and a general merchandise store, the second such enterprise in the community. It was in honor of Mrs. McDaniel that Mount Fannie, the mountain back of Cove was named she being the first woman to have climbed it. The ascent was made in June of 1863.
     Other early settlers in Cove were A. C. Smith with John Wagner and Cyrus Barnes located the warm mineral spring which now furnishes water for the Cove swimming pool. Dunham Wright, who later served in the state legislature and made his home at Medical Springs: and J. W. Hendershott, likewise an, early legislator. Mr. Hendershott built his home at the top of the circular arm called Hendershott's Point or Phy's Point which is the southern boundary of the Cove area. For a number of years this was a favorite stopping place for travelers in the valley. Mr. Hendershott operating his home as an inn. Later this was the home of John M. Phy, who conducted a store nearby. Mr. Phy was the father of Frank Phy, one-time sheriff and later county judge, and of Dr. William T. Phy, one of the nation's best known surgeons, who operated Hot Lake Sanitarium for many years.
     Within the town of Cove proper the first store was established by James Crawford in 1866 and in that same year a grist mill was set up by Samuel G. French The first sawmill was established by James M. DeMoss. A church was built about 1869 or 1870 under the leadership of Reverend A Morrison a Universalist, this being the first religious establishment in Cove. Better known have been the activities of the Episcopalians, who built the first church of that denomination in 1876 under the pastorate of Reverend George Kaye. Their activities were expanded in 1884 by the establishment of the Ascension School for Girls by the Reverend B. W. Morris.
     Cove expanded and grew, reaching its greatest size near the turn of the century but the advent of improved roads and the automobile prevented its further growth. Cove at one time had a newspaper known first as the Ledger, published by J. Natt Hudson, and later at the Courier under the editorship of Willard B. Nelson. The press from this paper was moved in 1905 to Haines.


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